Best Ways to Utilize Natural Light in Your Oyster Bay, NY, Landscaping

Often overlooked, natural light is the key to creating the perfectly balanced outdoor living area. In fact, who can fully enjoy their dream space if the sun is constantly blocking out the view with glare? So instead of just adding remarkable landscape features that will boost the curb appeal of your Oyster Bay, NY, residence, our team at The Platinum Group Inc. can ensure a welcoming design that utilizes natural light so that it can be enjoyed all year round. Here are some ideas:

Enjoy Shade in Style

Even though it might seem like creating shade in your backyard is easy, it actually requires a good amount of planning. The four key elements to consider when designing a comfortable outdoor area are air temperature, humidity, air movement and radiated heat - from the sun, as well as the patio and surrounding vertical surfaces. Shade structures will protect you from the heat, but should provide ventilation and enough natural light as well.

Best Ways to Utilize Natural Light in Your Oyster Bay, NY, Landscaping

One of the main things to consider when adding shade structures is the sun’s movement. This will give you an idea of whether a certain structure will provide the necessary shade. As your outdoor rooms serve as an extension of the home, you should be able to choose which parts of it will be consistently under shade and which will have a flexible shade pattern. A great way to achieve such a transformation is with large trees, a gazebo, a retractable canvas roof, or a pergola with custom shade cloths. The design options of shade structures are unlimited and the structure itself can serve as a stunning decor feature.

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Natural Shade and Shadows with Vegetation

Greenery is an effective and beautiful method of creating shade in your backyard, but trees and plants can also create some stunning natural lighting effects. Plants with interesting growth patterns can be used to cast dramatic shadows when the sun hits. The quality of the light depends on the density of the foliage. Foliage that is somewhat penetrable can create stunning dappled lighting that will fill the space with a magical ambience.

Wooden Slats and Panels

Wooden slats and metal panels will provide shade while casting interesting shadows. Metal panels are often designed to cast patterned shadows and can be used to cover an entire area, while wooden slats offer screening and privacy while filtering through some light. Aside from providing privacy, these features are gorgeous decorative elements that will create multiple layers of visual appeal.

Reflective Objects

Pools, fountains, ponds and other water features not only make the space more Zen-like and tranquil, they also serve as flat surfaces that reflect natural light and nearby structures and plants. This can make the space appear larger than it is and create a unique effect that will enhance the design of your landscape. Regardless of the size of the feature, a reflective surface will add depth to the outdoor space and create outstanding lighting effects.

The Magic of Light Colors

Color is one of the most basic elements of landscape design, along with form, line, and texture. Lighter colors will highlight the greenery and other colorful elements of your yard and add contrast to shadows and darker features. Finding a fine balance between darker and lighter colors will increase the effects of natural light in your design. For example, the combination of light beige shades of natural sandstone and sun striking the water of a pool can fill a space with gentle ambience and rippling patterns of light while balancing out the effects of bold colored flowers and patio furniture.

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