Choosing the Right Company for Your Landscape Architecture

Choosing a landscaping company is like shopping around for any new investment. You wouldn’t buy a car from a dealership without first researching their track record, making sure their prices were competitive and getting to know their representatives a little better. The same stands for the company you choose to reshape your Islip, NY landscape to match your vision. Here are some tips to better make that assessment so that you can feel confident in your decision.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

A good landscaping company should be able to provide answers to any question you might have in a clear and professional manner. Any doubts you have should be addressed to begin with and a clear outline of the process should be available to you at any point. A good landscaping company will keep you up to date with any goings on and notify you immediately of any delays or possible challenges that might arise. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification before, after and during the job if at any point you feel uncomfortable with the landscaping process.

Check out past projects

Any landscaping company worth their salt will keep a portfolio of photographs from past projects to show you upon your request. This will help you get an idea of the quality and scope of their work. Whether this portfolio is digital or a printed album, take a careful browse through the photos and look closely at how the design elements fall into place, what sort of price range they work in, what kind of work they do and whether or not they are suited to your expectations.

Choosing the Right Company for Your Islip NY Landscape Architecture

Check out online reviews

Get an idea of what previous clients had to say by checking the company out online. Social media and company review sites are your best bet for honest reviews. When given the anonymity of the internet, people are eager to praise excellence, criticize sub-par performance and let other people know of their experiences. Look at the criticisms collectively and find out what the criticisms were and whether or not they were addressed afterwards. Sometimes poor reviews arise from misunderstandings that can be corrected through clear communication, other times they can be a warning sign of a careless company.

Accolades, guarantees and insurance

Has the excellence of the company been acknowledged by dependable organisations or builders guilds? If so, this is a good indication that a high standard of workmanship is maintained. Of course, one award does not a dependable company make. Insist on a satisfaction guarantee and make sure the company is insured to protect yourself against liability.

Trust your instincts

Still one of the best gauges of whether or not a company is right for you is to trust your own instincts. The best way to get a feel of a company is to meet with one of their representatives to discuss your project. Pay attention to whether the representative behaves and appears professionally, whether they answered your questions clearly and satisfactorily and whether or not they offered you the impression of competence. An enthusiastic and accommodating representative is a good indication that the company supports a culture of excellence and creativity.