How to Get the Best Durability out of Your Long Island, NY, Gunite Pool

Gunite pools are widely favoured over vinyl and fiberglass pools for a variety of reasons: they provide near-limitless aesthetic potential and can be constructed in any shape or size; there is a variety of unique finishes with which they can be adorned and, most importantly, they are incredibly durable and are worthwhile investments! Read on to discover why these pools are so reliable, as well as a few tips for enhancing their durability on Long Island, NY. 

The inherent durability of the concrete shell

The construction of a gunite swimming pool begins with hollowing out its desired shape and size. The plumbing is installed and the hole is lined with a reinforced steel framework. Once the framework is in place, the hole is sprayed with a heavy coating of gunite, which is essentially a mixture of cement and sand. The layer of wet concrete is troweled smooth and left to settle for a couple of weeks, producing a durable concrete shell. 

How to Get the Best Durability out of Your Long Island, NY, Gunite Pool

In order to ensure that your gunite pool is properly constructed and structurally reliable, entrust its construction to experienced professionals like the award-winning Platinum Group. 

Concrete is so widely utilized in construction because it offers incredible strength and durability. These qualities contribute towards preserving the structural integrity of gunite pools for decades. Once the concrete shell has set thoroughly, it is covered by a smooth plaster finish, concrete paint or interesting formations of pebbles and tiles. These pools don’t require linings and are, therefore, not vulnerable to sharp objects and damage from everyday use. Vinyl liners also tend to tear near the seams within a decade of installation.

A natural stone finish

Natural stone is collected or quarried and undergoes little processing before hitting the shelves. These stones are primed to withstand the full force of mother nature, and have done so for millions of years. The shades and textures that they bear on their surfaces are guaranteed not to fade or wear away, as they bear the same composition throughout their entire structure. While some varieties of natural stone are more porous than others, they can be treated to withstand water damage. 


Natural stone can be used to line the gunite shell and give the swimming pool a wholesome, natural look and feel. Natural stone finishes are often used to achieve tropical and resort-like aesthetic themes. Consider finishing your gunite pool with natural stone in order to enhance its durability, while achieving a luxurious look and feel. 

Stone or concrete water features

Natural stone and concrete are both incredibly strong, and are good candidates for constructing gunite pools that are made to last. Consider utilizing either of these materials for the verticals that surround your gunite pool, such as water features. A poolside waterfall, that cascades into the deepest end of the pool, for example, can serve several functions. Firstly, waterfalls circulate the pool water and prevent the growth of algae. Most importantly, the rushing stream of water creates a tranquil soundtrack and is fun to swim underneath. In addition, a waterfall can help to circulate the water of a pool and prevent algae growth. A waterfall constructed using natural stone can appear to have manifested naturally over years of natural wear and tear. This natural look is even more convincing when the layout of the waterfall is slightly asymmetrical and purposefully irregular.