Stylish Outdoor Fireplaces for your long island landscape

A largely popular landscape design feature for Long Island homeowners, the mighty outdoor fireplace offers both an aesthetic focal point as well as a functional addition. From Old World designs to Spanish-inspired masterpieces, outdoor fireplaces come in a range of shapes, styles, and colors. Deciding on which one to choose for your property and whether to use brick, stone, stucco, or concrete to bring it to life, can be a tough process. Here, we take a look at a few of the styles to choose from while highlighting some of the custom work that the design and build team at Platinum has completed.  

Outdoor Fireplace Long Island, NY | Custom Masonry Design | Gunite Pool Builder


Capture the timeless elegance of a traditional brick or natural stone fireplace. Reminiscent of 17th century France, a traditional outdoor fireplace is perfect for a Long Island landscape built in a colonial or craftsman style. Employ matching stone or brick elements in warm, textured varieties to bring home the look. Including an arched opening and protracted hearth evoke an inviting setting. Pennsylvania bluestone is a wonderful compliment when used for the patio and/or pool surround. Finish the design off with well-placed hydrangeas with large blooms cascading against the brick.

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Outdoor Fireplace Long Island, NY | Custom Masonry Design | Gunite Pool Builder


Update the meaning of “stylish” with an outdoor fireplace distinguished by polished materials and sleek lines. Utilize concrete or stainless steel to bring together a block-like structure for the ultimate contemporary look. Burn markings contribute to the clean, yet abstract effect, as do minimal decorative features. Matte finished cut stone is typically used to face a contemporary outdoor fireplace, whose rectangular firebox opening and generally angular features will keep your landscape looking crisp and clean. Often times when seeking a more modern vibe, the team at Platinum will design a fire feature more linear in orientation—think more widescreen panoramic than portrait view with this one. Team this fireplace up with large format porcelain landscape tile of squares and rectangles, and formally clipped boxwood hedges to complete the look.


Outdoor Fireplace Long Island, NY | Custom Masonry Design | Gunite Pool Builder

Casual Elegance

Transport visitors to your yard to a relaxed state of mind with the allure of a casual outdoor fireplace. Create casual elegance for your Long Island landscape design by featuring soft, muted tones. Unique, commingled shapes of natural stone and concrete wall stone makes up the bulk of this stylish outdoor fireplace, while locally quarried cut stone veneer literally rounds out the firebox opening and provides simple, gorgeous adornments. Overall a bit looser in terms of design style, consider custom woodworking elements like an overhead pergola or nearby arbor. Finish the look off with naturalistic plantings of wispy perennials and ornamental grasses. This casual style can work surprisingly well for properties set close to the shore.