The Best Gifts for Dad for the Outdoor Kitchen

With both Father’s Day and the summer months approaching, an ideal gift for your Dad would certainly incorporate the great outdoors. There is no better way to enjoy the sunshine than grilling some quality meat in beautifully landscaped surroundings. To make this experience even more enjoyable, we have collected together some of the best gift ideas for dads that will enhance firing up the grill on those future summer days in the good ol' outdoor kitchen.

Grill Thermometer

grilling smoker outdoor kitchen fathers day gift in long island ny

For the dad that loves gadgets as much as he loves outdoor cooking, there is no better gift than a thermometer. No more overcooked steaks! Igrill is an example. It's compatible with both an iPhone and iPad, it is Bluetooth enabled and, most importantly, it provides an unbeatable outdoor kitchen experience. Checking the temperature of marinated chicken and succulent fish on the grill couldn’t be easier as you can plug in this thermometer and keep track of the progress from your phone. There will be no more standing and waiting in front of the grill for your Dad when he has this gadget.

Skillet Original Bacon Spread 

What father doesn’t love the taste of bacon? For the ultimate outdoor kitchen this is a must-have. Your Dad will be able to add the delicious taste of fried bacon to any meal without having to spend all the time cooking and adding actual bacon to a dish. He’ll love how easy it is to incorporate and everyone he is serving will love the results. 


the big green egg smoker in long island ny for outdoor kitchen landscaping

Most outdoor kitchens revolve around a high-quality grill, but it doesn’t have to end there. Adding a smoker to your Dad’s collection of tools will transform his cooking. There are many options for meat smokers out there. Choose the right one based on where Dad might put it and how well it'll complement the rest of the outdoor appliance. For top notch quality and fun, consider the Big Green Egg. This is also a great gift for dads that like to entertain as they will be able to present a wider selection of delicious meats.  

Steak Champ 

Everyone in the family always has a specific way they like their steaks cooked and your Dad is probably no exception. With the Steak Champ your Dad will never have a steak again that is over or under-cooked. You can adjust when the thermometer signals the steak is done, which means you’ll have perfectly grilled meat every single time. This also means that you will not have to cut into a steak to test how it is cooked. The steak will be taken off the grill perfectly cooked and beautifully intact. Consider this an alternative to grilling thermometer.

Monogrammed Steak Brands

There is nothing more luxurious than being able to brand steaks with your own initials and this is exactly what this gift would allow your Dad to do. You can opt for the combination of letters for his initials or you can get a variety of letters for him to combine as he grills. This can help keep track of how each steak is cooked and who they are for. These rustic styled brands are hand-forged from iron and will be a highly welcomed addition to any outdoor kitchen. Williams Sonoma makes a great monogrammed steak brander.

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