4 Ways to Enhance Your Front Entrance with Natural Stone Masonry in Port Jefferson, NY

The front entrance of your Port Jefferson, NY, home gives guests their first impression of you, your family, and your home. A well-designed walkway, stone steps, planters, and seating walls not only make visitors feel welcome, but can turn a simple door and stairway into a distinguished entryway. Here are four ways your entryway can be transformed by natural stone masonry. 

A Well-Designed Natural Stone Walkway

A well-designed natural stone walkway not only makes a good first impression, but also can really enhance the existing features of your home. Because a natural stone walkway acts as a centerpiece to your landscape and can bring your property together, your landscape architect will pay special attention to the color, size, and texture of the natural stone. Natural stone can be cut and laid out straight for a more contemporary look, or it can be rough cut, irregularly shaped, and textured, for a more rustic or natural look. A natural stone walkway can be designed using a single color, or a patchwork of various colors, for a more playful look. Stone walkways can also be mortared for an even and smooth walking surface, or they can be dry laid for a more natural walking surface.


Natural Stone Steps

4 Ways to Enhance Your Front Entrance with Natural Stone Masonry in Port Jefferson, NY

There are many options when it comes to natural stone steps. For a more formal look, natural stone steps can be cut with sharp angles or even polished. For a more rustic look, stone can be rough cut, textured, or naturally curved and irregular in shape. Natural stone pavers are a wildly popular option for stairways, as they are incredibly versatile. They are a great option for stairs that will be getting a lot of foot traffic or exposure to extreme weather. They are also slip-resistant and require very little maintenance. They come in many shapes, sizes, and textures, and therefore can be made to complement or accent any landscape or home. Additionally, natural stone never goes out of style, and neither will your front stairway!

Natural Stone Seating Walls

What better way to welcome your guests to your home than with a small seating area built into the front entryway! Seating walls are gaining popularity, as they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Seating walls can be built into a front porch or patio, or even built into a retaining wall. With the subtle and beautiful colors of natural stone, paired with the welcoming functionality of a seating wall, your guests will be given a favorable impression of your home, based on its entryway.


Natural Stone Planters

Natural stone planters are a natural way to add a little color to your front entryway. Natural stone planters come in many colors and can be found in many shapes, most popularly circular and square. They can have a rough or smooth finish, and so can look formal or rustic, depending on taste and the existing style of the entryway. Planters can be filled with the most vibrant flowers, the smooth or prickly textures of succulents, or simple and elegant greenery. Consider multiple planters in varying sizes and shapes for a truly welcoming display. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.