3 Reasons to use Unilock Natural Stone for your Long Island Patio and Walkways

Long island, NY Unilock natural stone pavers

We are very selective in the products we recommend to our clients. Unilock happens to be one of the select few we love. Unilock is a well-known supplier of natural stone and manufacturer of concrete products, particularly famous for their high quality and versatile pavers. They offer a stunning range of quality products, but their natural stone pavers, especially, are ideal for creating beautiful patios and outstanding walkways. With their unmatched performance, it’s easy to see how Unilock has become a leader in the field of paver production, and why an increasing number of Long Islanders stand so firmly behind their products. Here are three reasons you know you can trust Unilock natural stone for your home renovation project.

Guaranteed Quality

Natural stone pavers supplied by Unilock have proven themselves time and time again, with both in-house and independent testing backing up their claims of high resistance to water absorption and freeze-thaw damage. Outside of the laboratory, Unilock pavers perform just as well, sure never to disappoint homeowners with their specialized stain resistance and color retention surface treatments that last a lifetime. To back this up, Unilock has every one of their natural stone pavers come with a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee, meaning you - and even the new owner of your home, should you choose to sell - can rest assured of the quality of your stone. Technicalities aside, Unilock’s natural stone pavers look fantastic owing to the raw materials being specially selected for their fine, natural detail and authentic beauty. The pavers also show outstanding workmanship, however, with each paver subject to precision cutting and calibration in order to ensure an even and level surface.

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Stunning Range

With such a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles available, homeowners are unlikely to find this kind of variety anywhere else. Unilock's natural stone pavers also come in several sizes and shapes in order to accommodate for a selection of uses and laying patterns, ranging from neatly ordered grids to natural, randomized configurations. 

Consistent and Ethical Supply Chain

Because Unilock sources its stone from a wide supply network, product availability remains consistent and an ample supply is maintained in order to meet high demand. In conjunction with a global supply chain, Unilock utilizes strict quality control with their packing and shipping, ensuring that shipments arrive in perfect shape. Not only is the supply chain extensive, efficient and professional, Unilock is a certified fair trader, meaning that they ensure that no child labor is exploited at any point along their supply chain. From quarry to processing plant, safe working conditions are adhered to and every worker is paid a fair living wage in exchange for their labor, regardless of the country from which the stone is sourced.