The Importance of Functional Rooms for your Long Island Landscape Design

Breaking up your Long Island outdoor space is essential in order to avoid the monotony of a single large, uninteresting plain. Visually, a space divided into smaller sections is far more interesting and will draw the eye into it. Varied textures, different styles of pavers, boldly contrasting borders and retaining walls can break the surface up into a variety of outdoor spaces and can signify a difference in function of each space. Of course the importance of smaller, distinct spaces is not only aesthetic. In this article we’ll discuss the importance of distinct, functional rooms in order to improve your landscape design.

Functional outdoor rooms in your landscape design in Cold Spring Harbor, NY


Assigning functions to your outdoor spaces allows a clearer idea of what design features to incorporate and therefore simplifies the design process. The functional pieces of each will oftentimes form the focal points around which the layout of the room falls into place. A patio featuring a fire pit, for example, will generally use this as the central point around which the rest of the space is arranged. The same can be said for outdoor bars, patios featuring fireplaces, and dining areas where a large table serves as the central piece.


The arrangement of your outdoor spaces allows you to direct foot traffic through your outdoor spaces. Having your outdoor spaces zoned according to function allows spaces of conflicting functions to remain separate from one and other. A fire pit, for example, would be inappropriate in a child’s play area as much as a jungle gym would be misplaced in an area allocated for outdoor dining. Keeping the zones with similar functions together will contribute to ease of use and convenience of these spaces. A dining area placed near an outdoor kitchen, for example, will reduce time spent carrying prepared food back and forth and will incorporate the chef into the social setting.


Smaller spaces equal more intimacy for you and your guests. If you’re entertaining larger groups, they will generally clump together in groups of three or four people regardless of the setting. By creating smaller spaces, these groups are better enclosed and conversation “crossfire” is lessened. The smaller spaces will also provide a more comfortable setting for each group.


The function of an outdoor space is the motivating factor for making use of that space in the first place. Assigning different functions to your outdoor areas therefore encourages the use of your backyard and draws people outdoors to make use of the varied facilities. Whether it be for a Sunday afternoon outdoor cook off in your outdoor kitchen, a garden tea party on your patio, or a gathering around your fire pit, each outdoor space speaks to a different purpose, mood, and even time of year. 


Functional outdoor spaces are some of the most valuable additions you can make to your property in terms of increasing its worth, enticing potential buyers, as well as getting more enjoyment from your backyard. The extra useable living room is a sure win on the market where much emphasis is placed on wide open and free flowing space. Permanent features such as patios, outdoor kitchens and pool huts built from durable, high quality material also offer potential buyers a good long term investment for their money.