Gunite Pool in Cold Spring Harbor, NY Stars in National TV Commercial

There’s a new star in town and we’re proud to say, she’s one of ours. In case you missed it, Techo-Bloc’s national television advertisement features one of Platinum’s projects: a Gunite pool installation right here in Long Island.

Set to a catchy Latin groove, the advertisement features a ménage of artisans taking pride in their precision crafted handiwork: a mason exacting his vision for a stone project, a caterer painstakingly setting the table for an outdoor celebration, an architect poring over landscape designs. The camera then cuts to a bottle of red wine being carried towards an out of focus celebration. Cut to a wide shot of an elegant evening soiree of friends and family gathered at a poolside patio, the shimmering reflection of the event caught in the crystalline pool water in the foreground.

The brief but detailed camera pans showcase the fulfilment of the specialists’ collective vision: the stone manufactured by the mason is featured as the paving of the outdoor area and in the finely detailed outdoor fireplace, the table is perfectly set and features exquisite hors d'oeuvres and red wine around which sit a group of attractive thirty-somethings. But the real star of the show, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is the backdrop - one of Platinum’s very own Gunite Pool projects on Long Island beautifully dressed exclusively in Techo-Bloc hardscaping products, with her sheer sides and sun-kissed natural tones.

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“We make things with pride,” informs the voiceover, which is a sentiment we at Platinum Pool’s agree with wholeheartedly. Sure enough, nothing could make us prouder than seeing our work so beautifully showcased.

The narrator goes on to say, “We are exacting. We design to surprise. We stand by our work. We believe in the well-made.” Once again, at Platinum, we second that sentiment, which is why we’re confident installers of Techo-Bloc pavers for our poolside surrounds.

The voiceover ends with the statement: “And those who know, notice.”

The advertisement leaves us with the full scene, a pergola decorated with ornate string lighting on the far side of our candle-lined Gunite masterpiece.

Here at Platinum Pools, we would like to extend our thanks to Techo-Bloc for noticing our handiwork and featuring our baby in their commercial. We’re all very proud to have a new star in the family.

In case you missed it on television, you can view Techo-Bloc’s new advert and Platinum’s Gunite installation here.

Read more about this project here.