Which Pool Shape is Best for Your Landscape Design?

When looking for the best pool shape and design for your LI home, the two most important aspects to consider are location and function. Besides what you're looking to get from the swimming pool, you also want to make sure you have your expectations set for what you want to do with the surrounding areas (for example, how much patio space will you really need?). To help get your ideas going, here are the common swimming pool shapes.

Classic rectangle pool

This pool is also referred to as a traditional rectangle pool. If your home provides ample outdoor space and has (or will have) an established landscape elegance, this pool is a great choice. It will complement the surrounding landscape and the clean lines will not overpower your home. These pools are often referred to as the little black dress of pools due to the fact that they can fit into a wide variety of landscapes and spaces. This pool also has a bonus feature of being used for exercise and a lap pool.  It also gives ample space for people to use for entertaining. 

Kidney shaped pools

Many homeowners have chosen the kidney shape for a variety of reasons. This pool offers a soft look that complements many different homes, particularly more simplistic styles. It usually takes up much less space and it easily accented by a lush landscape. Related: Must Haves For Your Swimming Pool.

Geometric pools

These pools often have a sharp trendy look that relies heavily on mathematics for shape and form. They are considered a true work of art. Vanishing edges, wading pools, and spillways are often found to be a part of these pools. These pools are often priced higher than their classic counterparts. 

What swimming pool shape is best for your Long Island, NY home?

Custom pools

These pools are exactly what you might guess. Made completely custom with gunite, they can be completely designed and built to fit anywhere. Providing a more higher-end look and feel, options are endless. From various shapes (to take advantage of focal points and limitations in your backyard) to beautiful finishes (goodbye vinyl liners and hello glass tiles). Probably one of the best reasons for a custom gunite pool, is the option for a beach entry.

A little bonus: Overflow pools

Pools must fit the property, and overflow pools are no exception. Perimeter overflow pools provide an optical illusion that uses water to duplicate a mirror effect. These pools use large troughs to catch the water to provide the appearance of a flow over a limitless edge. It is a beautiful effect that when placed in the right area can make a home shine. Best locations for these are those backyards with a view.

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