Why Your Swimming Pool Should be Heated

For most people, deciding to heat their pool is a decision made for the family as a means of providing enjoyment and extending the swimming season into the cooler months. But a heated swimming pool also comes with additional perks such adding value to your Long Island property as well as several therapeutic health benefits. Here we’ll look at the reasons why investing in a pool heater is a great idea.

Extend the use of your pool

In New York, you can expect to double the swimming season with a heated pool. This means that you can start swimming as early as spring and continue swimming into the start of fall. Most pool heaters won’t be effective below an air temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but smaller pools fitted with efficient heaters (with maybe a bit of insulation to help out) could even be put to use as early as April and as late as November. Indoor pools are another story. With the added insulation and protection from the weather, heated indoor pools can easily be used all year round.

Protect your pipes

Although using your pool in mid-winter might not be on your list of things to do, your pool heater remains useful. If you have an energy efficient heater, such as a solar heater, leaving your heater operating throughout winter will help protect your pool, pipes and fittings against freeze damage. Freeze damage can wreak havoc with unprotected pools. Any water left inside your pipes will expand when it freezes and cause cracks throughout your pump system and potentially even to the body of your pool. A pool heater prevents the water freezing and thereby guards against the damage.

Health benefits

A comfortable water temperature is great for stress reduction and the host of benefits that go along with that, including better mood, increased productivity, lowered blood pressure, improved metabolism and a stronger immune system. It’s also great for easing the discomfort of aching joints and arthritic pain, as well as easing inflammation. The opportunity for gentle water exercise provided by a heated pool is great for weight loss, improved muscular and cardiac health, aiding muscle recovery in active individuals, easing muscle stiffness and providing a safe mode of exercise for the frail and elderly.


Add value to your property

A heated pool can be a big draw factor for potential buyers. Whereas some appraisers consider a pool to detract from a property’s value, the additional functionality and versatility of a heated pool can tip the scales in your favor and contribute to attracting interested buyers. Solar heaters are particularly good investments as they offer money saving advantages and balance the running cost of owning a pool. Should your home be in a neighborhood where owning a pool is the norm, the addition of a pool heater will give your home the edge over the house down the street without a heater.


This goes without saying. Owning a heated pool is fun. Be it for exercise, socializing or simple relaxation, a heated pool has the undoubted benefit of being far more comfortable and allowing for longer, more enjoyable swimming sessions. Whether or not you’re interested in investing in a pool heater for the practical benefits, you’re in for a treat the first time you slip into the soothing waters of your new heated pool.