5 Innovative Fence Line Landscaping Ideas for Your Glen Cove, NY, Home

Surely, you love your neighbors in Glen Cove, NY, but you can still want your privacy from time to time. If you’re recently installed a fence or are thinking about adding one, so that you can relax and enjoy family gatherings in seclusion, you may want to think enhance the area around it. While you know the fence is necessary and useful, it may not be the most eye-appealing part of your landscape on its own. Fortunately, there are five ways to “layer” the fence line landscaping of your yard to draw attention away from the fence itself to the dazzling plants that surround it.

Layer #1

5 Innovative Fence Line Landscaping Ideas for Your Glen Cove, NY, Home

In your quest to landscape the fence line area, consider starting with a tall evergreen shrub. Evergreens do just that—they stay green year round! In the doldrums of winter, an evergreen provides some color to your landscape, reminding you that spring will come again. Many evergreens provide privacy and even reduce noise with their tall or wide growth. Some have red berries, brighter green tips, or lavender flowers—all of which could add color and interest to your Glen Cove fence line. You may even choose to elevate this first planting layer by installing a raised bed for the shrub plantings.  

Layer #2

Choose your favorite perennial flower bulb and a low shrub to add to your fence landscape as the second layer. In the spring, the bulbs will bloom into a profusion of color and beauty, while the low shrub provides a visual anchor. If your low growing shrub is a different shade of green from the evergreen plantings, that adds more visual interest! If you don’t want to use another shrub, an ornamental grass is another great choice.

Layer #3

The third layer of your fence line landscape can be annual flowers that are planted in the late spring to provide a summer full of color. Annuals can add depth to your greenery because they are hearty and will spread out to fill in empty spots.  


Layer #4

Adding some trailing vines as a fourth layer can help to cover a fence line that is not the most attractive, especially if you are working with a fence that you didn’t get to choose yourself. Vines can be perennial that return year after year, or they can be annual, and last only a season.  

Layer #5

For the fifth and final layer, consider adding some landscape lighting to your fence line. Lighting can add a warm glow to your landscape or drama if you choose to spotlight a certain nearby feature. Well-placed lighting installed by professionals can also increase your home’s curb appeal, too.

To balance the fencing materials, you need a carefully selected softscape of charming plants.  The Platinum Group specialists work one-on-one with clients to expertly advise the best choices for locally sourced and exotic plantings that will create a vibrant landscape. Contact them to discuss your vision, and then let our award-winning landscape designers create the look of your dreams!