Landscape Design Ideas for a Gorgeous Rain Garden in Glen Cove, NY

A bio-infiltration basin, also known as a rain garden, is a clever concept that minimizes stormwater runoff. This concept is being incorporated into the streets of New York as a means of preserving the environment, so adding a stunning rain garden in your Glen Cove, NY, home, is a wonderful way to contribute to the movement while beautifying your landscape design. 

Landscape Design Ideas for a Gorgeous Rain Garden in Glen Cove, NY  

The Perfect Match

Although a rain garden is an eco-friendly solution that has an important place in the process of conserving the natural environment, it should still look as though it belongs in the landscape.  Most common types of rain gardens are a simple depression with plants that catch and absorb the stormwater of the property. Once the rainwater hits the depression, the soil and roots of plants filter it from pollutants, producing clean water that ultimately soaks into the soil. A rain garden is not a stand-alone feature. One of the challenges of installing a rain garden is creating the transition between the garden and the rest of the backyard. The Platinum Group team will make sure to integrate your rain garden seamlessly, to ensure that it appears to have arisen naturally from the rest of the landscape. Each time you look at your healthy backyard greenery, you won’t see patches of weeds, but a cohesive, harmonious oasis. 

A Traditional Rain Garden 

The right selection of plants makes a rain garden and gives it its beauty. The plants can be arranged just like in a regular plant bed, with attention being paid to soil needs, plant height, textures, wind, and shade, and of course special attention being paid to the water requirements of the plants. The shape of the rain garden can be adjusted to suit the existing softscape design, or go above and beyond to match the landscape theme. If you are dealing with a traditional style landscape, with formal structures, clean lines, and symmetrical features, our team will make sure the rain garden design reflects this style. From the plant choices (native plants, grasses, and sedges work best) to the shape and location of the rain garden, we make sure the rain garden offers excellent stormwater management. When properly designed by the experts at The Platinum Group, your rain garden will serve its purpose as a maintenance system that enables low water usage and serves as an attractive landscape feature for years to come. 


Leave Your Fingerprint 

If you don’t fancy a formal design, we can help you make it wild and creative. The conditions in your landscape can determine the shape and size of the rain garden, but that doesn't mean there have to be limits to the creative use of plants in sculpting a masterpiece. Our team would love to hear what your dream rain garden design is, and can help you find the right plants to turn it into a reality. Some plants native to the New York area that can be considered for your rain garden are Red Maple (Acer rubrum), Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), Broad-leaf Sedge (Carex platyphylla) and more.