Want to Reduce Lawn Area on Your Oyster Bay, NY, Backyard? Read These Landscaping Tips

Are you dreaming of a beautiful new backyard with more outdoor living space and less lawn? Do you want to spend your time outdoors enjoying your Oyster Bay, NY, yard in other ways besides makeshift lawn games? The Platinum Group can help transform your yard into a multipurpose landscape that expands where you play and spend your time outdoors. Consider these landscaping ideas for reducing your lawn and enhancing your lifestyle.

Benefits of Reducing Your Lawn Area

For years, we’ve been led to believe that a lush, green lawn is the ideal look for a yard. But there are actually a number of benefits to reducing the size of your lawn. One of the most popular reasons for having less grass is to reduce water consumption. It’s also true that an attractive landscape can expand your living space and increase the value of your home.

Patios Expand the Living Footprint

A patio provides the foundation for your outdoor living areas. Most patios start right at the back door and can cover as much of the yard as you choose. With the use of both natural stone and quality concrete pavers, The Platinum Group can elevate the lawn you have now into a beautiful landscaping feature.


A patio can also help define the various zones in your landscape. Custom laying patterns, different stone selection, borders, and inlay designs are just some of the ways to differentiate outdoor living areas. Adding tiers and vertical elements to a patio can create depth and interest and help break up a flat landscape. Consider a sunken outdoor living room to increase privacy and provide extra shelter from the elements. Vertical elements such as a fireplace or seating wall will add form, structure, and function to your landscape.

Water Features Add to Your Play Spaces

Want to Reduce Lawn Area on Your Oyster Bay, NY, Backyard? Read These Landscaping Tips  

Not only is a pool a fun and popular landscape feature, it also takes up a lot of landscape. With the pool itself and the surrounding pool deck, a pool is an excellent way to reduce the size of your lawn. Additions such as a hot tub, sun shelf, or waterfall will make your pool even more inviting.


New Plantings Make Up for the Reduced Greenery

Even if you want less grass in your yard, you may still want to have plenty of greenery on your property. Plants, flowers, and shrubs add color and texture and bring life to your landscape.

Border gardens help soften a patio or walkway and also reduce lawn coverage. Inset gardens can break up a large expanse of concrete or pavers and add texture and movement to a patio. The addition of taller plants such as ornamental grasses and trees can increase both privacy and shade.

Raised planting beds could serve more than one purpose. Not only do they provide optimal growing conditions for your plants, but they can also serve as seating walls or boundaries for different zones in your landscape.

Consider: Outdoor Game Courts

A complete landscape includes areas for both relaxation and play. Professionally installed game courts provide active entertainment for the whole family and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Game courts create a safe place for children to gather with friends and offer adults a convenient place to exercise at home. The Platinum Group’s designers have experience creating game courts for many popular sports such as basketball and tennis.

Image courtesy of Unilock.