Update Your Brookville, NY, Patio With Gorgeous Masonry Stairs

Your beautiful Brookville, NY, patio likely gets the most attention in the summer, providing you with one of the best ways to enjoy the season’s sunshine and warmth. It’s also around this time that homeowners start thinking about new projects and upgrades that can take their favorite landscape features up a notch. Gorgeous stone masonry stairs provide a useful and creative way to update your patio.

What are masonry stairs?

Update Your Brookville, NY, Patio With Gorgeous Masonry Stairs  

Masonry stairs are created through careful stonework. Stone craftsmen design these beautiful steps out of stone, using mortar to hold them in place. There are numerous types of stone to work with, each with a different look, style, and benefit that fits with your exact needs and design aesthetic. The stairs are long lasting and durable, and are a beautiful addition to the exterior of any home. 

Examples of stone for your masonry stairs

Masonry stairs and patio spaces use a variety of types of stones. Your landscape design professional can help you decide which stone will best fit with your patio and the rest of your backyard. These are some of the common choices:

Brick: Brick is timeless, strong, and won’t fade when exposed to the elements. Brick can be constructed into a beautiful pattern to make your masonry staircase pop.

Brick or stone pavers: Pavers are more versatile in terms of colors and designs and long-lasting.

Limestone: Limestone is hugely beneficial for patios that are connected to pools because of its light color and resistance to heat, making it ideal for bare feet.

You can also consider mixing and matching various types of stones to create your own unique look. Some beachy patio stairs, for example, even include seashells. Talk to a professional about different design ideas for your patio stairs.


Connecting the stairs to your outdoor decor

Whatever stone you choose, it should blend in well with everything nearby. Professionals can help you choose the design for your masonry stairs make the steps to and from your patio seamless.

If your backyard is more natural and rustic, for example, you may consider using large stone slabs for stairs. If you have an older, Victorian home, bricks will likely maintain the integrity of your home’s history without compromising on modern design.

The elements of design

New masonry stairs to your patio can be a perfect addition to your outdoor decor, by bringing a new design feature to one of your best backyard features. Stone masonry allows for careful laying of stone elements, which means you are not limited to any one shape or concept. You can have a rounded design (using curved pavers, for example) for an upward pathway. You can have the stones placed in a herringbone pattern for a unique twist to a simple, chic layout. You can even use different designs for multiple staircases to showcase their unique placement and complement the distinct areas of your outdoor patio.


Whatever design, stone, or style you choose, adding a set of masonry stairs to your patio could give it a much-needed facelift.