Using Steps and Pillars to Upgrade Your Oyster Bay, NY, Front Yard Landscape Design

Oyster Bay, NY, is home to many beautiful front yards, most of them boasting a lush lawn and the gorgeous native trees and flowers of the Long Island area. So how can you add some spice to your front yard to really make it stand out among the many lovely properties of Oyster Bay? In this article, we’ll look at ways to incorporate fresh elements into the classic front yard design.

A Symmetrical Design with Pillars

The most straightforward way to ensure a balanced and beautiful front yard is to incorporate a design with a strong sense of symmetry. One way to do this is by balancing vertical elements, such as trees or shrubs, with other features of a similar height. Pillars and low walls offer an excellent means of doing this and can beautifully frame the front door of your home. Consider, for example, flanking the front walkway of your home with short pillars with a stacked flagstone look, capped with attractive wrought iron outdoor lighting fixtures. Pillars also make excellent spots for placing pots of brightly colored flowers in order to elevate them to a more visible height.


Step Solutions for Sloped Yards

Using Steps and Pillars to Upgrade Your Oyster Bay, NY, Front Yard Landscape Design  

Front yards with slopes can be made easier to navigate by having steps installed. Steps can help to provide access to plant beds, or simply connect two or more outdoor spaces. But more than that, steps can be crafted by a Platinum Site Development professional to introduce the rich character of natural stone and masonry into your front yard design. These steps can consist of natural stone slabs, concrete slabs designed to emulate the natural stone appearance, or individual wall blocks and coping that offer the aesthetic you prefer. 

A Private Front Yard Patio

Front yard patios can be an attractive feature for homeowners, but being the front yard, privacy is often a concern. By enclosing your patio with a low wall system, privacy can be ensured. These low walls can be enhanced with pillars to break up their facade. Consider having your front yard patio built where it can be perched at a higher level than the street. This will also help to maintain privacy, while allowing you a good view of the neighborhood. A set of wide steps with a flared entrance can provide access to your raised front yard patio, while presenting a grand appearance and open, welcoming feel. 


Think Year-Round

While your front yard may be bursting with colors and life during spring and summer, winter may be a different story. Vertical elements, such as steps, pillars and low walls can help to ensure that your landscape remains textured and colorful even when the trees are bare and flowers are dormant. For homeowners seeking a bold look, stones with deep earthy colors with high color variations can be used can be used to construct pillars and steps that immediately draw the eye. For a more subtle appearance, wall units with muted colors and brighter accents can be used. Alternatively, pillars and low walls with high-contrast banding can add interest to your landscape without necessarily being brightly colored.