5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Oyster Bay, NY, Pool Patio

Poolside plantings can truly transform an ordinary poolscape into a relaxing respite, both in the daytime and at night. Giving careful thought to seating arrangements can enhance the privacy of your pool area and put your family and friends at ease while enjoying the fun. These are just a few landscaping ideas for your Oyster Bay, NY, pool. Read on for more:

Soften the Edges with Trees and Shrubs

5 Landscaping Ideas for Your Oyster Bay, NY, Pool Patio

Using trees as a natural shield from the harsh afternoon sun and nosy neighbors is a wonderful way to bring some structure to the great outdoors. The same type of tree planted at intervals would bring a sense of order and symmetry to the landscape.

If there is not enough room for bringing in new trees, or if  you prefer the look of flowering bushes, you could consider shrubs as way to create adjoining outdoor rooms to your pool area. Each room could be delineated by a set of bushes. Complement the shrubs with eye-catching annuals and perennials, and you will have an enchanting spot to catch some rays.

Take Cover Under a Pergola

A pergola provides shade and a break from the sun without removing the feel of the breeze and dapple light that you can only experience outside. Set over a comfortable couch and chairs to sink into when everyone has had enough fun in the pool, a pergola can give visitors a chance to continue enjoying each other’s company while shaded from the heat and sun.


Add in Another Water Feature

Enhance the calming effect of water beyond the pool itself. Lulled by the trickling sounds of water, a fountain or waterfall can bring a calming energy to the patio area. Imagine relaxing on the patio after a long week with some delicious food and special drinks, highlighted by the peaceful effect of moving water.

Incorporate a Fire Feature

A fire feature such as a fire pit or fireplace can elevate the mood from casual enjoyment to wowing your guests. From a late summer evening to the shorter days of cooler weather, a fire feature never gets old. And if you dread the cleanup of wood afterward, most any fire feature can be gas, able to be turned on or off with the ease of a switch. You can cook on a fire feature, or you can just relax and visit in the toasty warmth that it provides.

Feel free to be creative here. You could have a fire feature installed as part of the pool to increase the drama of night swimming. And you don’t have to stop at one—multiple fire features, like fire bowls, can be added all around the pool to create an unbelievable ambiance after the sun goes down.


Add Games with a New Game Court

If space allows, you could add to the activities near the pool with a basketball court. Or, if you don’t wish for something so elaborate, consider a bocce ball court or a cornhole sand pit. A horseshoe pit would offer an always available option for some good-natured competition!

An architectural landscape design firm can assist you as you contemplate the type of features that could enhance your pool patio. They can help you turn your pool area into a sophisticated outdoor living paradise.