Turn Your Oyster Bay, NY, Backyard into a Personal Sports Center with these Landscape Design Tips

Whether you’re trying to maintain an active lifestyle, or you want a safe place for your children to play close to home, there are many reasons to add an outdoor game court to your Oyster Bay, NY backyard. Incorporating an outdoor sports court in your landscape design provides a place for fun and exercise for the whole family.

Why Add a Backyard Game Court?

A backyard game court adds so much to your landscape and lifestyle that it’s hard to come up with a reason why you shouldn’t add one to your property! We all know that an active lifestyle is the best choice for the health of our families. By ensuring there are fun options for active entertainment right in your backyard, it’s much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And by providing a place for the family to play together, you create stronger family bonds. The ability to practice at home also means that serious athletes can develop their skills with a much more flexible schedule.


A sport court designed by a professional landscape designer takes both aesthetics and safety into consideration. Many public sports courts are made with concrete or asphalt which can crack and create safety hazards. For your home court, you can opt for special surfaces that help absorb shock and lessen the impact of falls. And if your kids are playing at home, you know they’re safe from both bullies and strangers. We can also incorporate custom colors and designs to match a favorite sports team or family crest, or to coordinate with your home’s exterior.

What Type of Court is Best for Your Landscape?

The Platinum Group can customize your landscape design to create your own personal sports center. The type of court you choose will vary depending on your needs and which activities appeal to your friends and family. If you or a family member are training for a sport, the addition of the right court will allow you to practice at home. For more laid-back activities, areas for lawn games such as bocce ball or croquet will make a great addition to any backyard gathering.

The size of your property will help determine the scale of your backyard sports center. With the ability to install half courts right up to official sized full courts, you shouldn’t rule out a game court due to space concerns. For smaller properties, a putting green, lap pool, or half basketball court can provide a place to practice without taking over the whole yard. If you have an expansive landscape, you have the option to include full-size courts or even multiple courts.

Mixed Use Courts

Turn Your Oyster Bay, NY, Backyard into a Personal Sports Center with these Landscape Design Tips

If you’re having difficulty deciding which type of court you want to have on your property, consider a mixed-use court. A mixed-use court offers variety and allows for more than one sport to please multiple members of the household. Common combinations include basketball and tennis or volleyball courts. Adding lines for each sport in a different color creates clear divisions between sports.

Fun and Games

If you love outdoor fun but aren’t a sports fan, we can also include oversize game boards in your landscape design. An oversize chess, checker or Scrabble board provides hours of fun for all ages. Other outdoor games, such as tetherball, horseshoes and ladder ball can be more enjoyable when you have a permanent, well-built playing area.