Top 6 Landscaping Ideas for Farmhouse Style Homes on Long Island, NY

The kind of landscaping that complements a farmhouse style home tends to showcase the natural scenery and embrace rustic elements in large and subtle ways. The following tips will help you create a landscape that accentuates your farmhouse style home on Long Island, NY:

The right color scheme

Gingham plaid in red or blue can instantly add a farmstyle touch to any landscape. Light, pastel colors like tan and white are also excellently suited to this theme. Too many bright colors and modern patterns like stripes or chevron should be avoided.

Natural materials

Farmhouse style landscaping tends to embrace the use of natural materials and strays from overtly artificial materials like metal and plastic. Opting to lay flagstone or small pebbles on your pathways and walkways can give them a beautiful, effortless look and feel. When incorporating stone pavers into your design, opt for pieces of different shapes and sizes to optimize the natural appearance of the finished product. Bulkier materials, such as large boulders, also have their place in a farm style landscape and can be paired with a water feature or used to flank a walkway. Stacked stone walls represent the perfect marriage of elegance and rusticity, and can be used to give your country landscape a more refined look.


Recycled and repurposed materials

Recycled materials and reclaimed wood pair excellently with warm, homely farmhouses. Consider, for example, positioning a cute old bicycle at the entrance to your yard or using reclaimed wooden shutters as doors to storage cabinets in your outdoor kitchen.

Appropriate plantings

A farmhouse backyard is incomplete without plenty of greenery and color. Having a larder of edible plants like tomatoes, onions and peppers growing is characteristic of a farmhouse style landscape. Not only will your home-grown vegetables fit your theme and grant your gardenlandscape more character, but they will also be great additions to the dinner table! A spontaneous arrangement of plants will give your landscape the effortless, abundant look and feel it needs in order to complement your home.

Decorate your shed

Sheds and garages can be made more attractive by having them embellished with climbing plants and trellises. You could also hang brightly painted garden tools on the wall of a shed to give the entire area a fun, characterful appearance. Consider having thick wooden planks installed as shelves on the outside of your shed or garage and have them topped with ornate planters filled with ferns and flowers.

Top 6 Landscaping Ideas for Farmhouse Style Homes on Long Island, NY

Suitable outdoor furniture

You’re bound to spend most of your time outdoors relaxing in the comfort of your outdoor furniture arrangement. Therefore, it is important that your furniture ties in with your desired theme. Opt for wicker chairs, large inviting picnic tables, and rustic cast iron patio furniture for an authentic farmhouse look. Scatter quaint pillows on your chairs to optimize your comfort outdoors and add further color to your patio. Finally, every farmhouse style backyard needs a long, solid table around which friends and family can gather for large meals and good conversation. Complement this with a rustic outdoor kitchen design and your farmhouse backyard is complete!