Patio Furniture Ideas for Long Island Homeowners

Patio Furniture Ideas for Long Island Homeowners

Patio Furniture Ideas for Long Island Homeowners hamptons, suffolk, nassau

An outdoor living space serves to accentuate the landscape style you have chosen, as well as add a comfortable place to gather. And the finishing touch to any polished landscape is beautifully appointed outdoor furniture.  Patio furniture is perfect to place by pools, fire pits, outdoor cooking areas, and ornamental gardens. To help make sure you are getting the most out of your patio furniture - in terms of function, style, and durability - here are some popular ideas.

Sleek and Modern

Leave big, puffy lawn furniture behind in favor of a smooth and streamlined silhouette. Modern technology and advances in weather resistant materials have made it possible to be more creative in shape construction. Plastics have become chic instead of tacky, and a variety of lovely finishes can be easily applied.

Brighten Things Up!

Bright colors are very in right now - so update your neutral color palettes with brights and neons. Worried about too much color? Start with the fabrics - green, orange, and bright blue patterns are perfect for cushions. So stop worrying about blending the furniture in - let it stand out.  

Navy Blue is an Exception

While brights are hot, navy blue hues are then new neutral. So get those bright greens layered on top - or go for the beachy - marine look.

Low and Long

Try patio furniture pieces that are low to the ground and stretched out over a larger area. Think deep, large patio loungers and complementing margherita (instead of coffee) tables. The result? You'll never want to get up. 


Instead of a single cushion covering the frame of the furniture, layered cushioning is what is in. A chaise may now have two or three seat cushions of differing sizes that give the piece dimension. In addition to this, many stylists choose to add accent pillows that add even more layers.

Built in Stone or Concrete

Especially perfect near water areas, built in concrete pool loungers are super trendy. The general appearance is that fully formed furniture sprang to life from the ground. 

Bring the Indoors Outside

Outdoor entertaining has always been popular, but now it is becoming more stylish as well. As a result, today's patio furniture looks as if it would be equally at home in a well decorated interior room. The lines between patio furniture and indoor furniture are becoming blurred. This creates an outdoor entertaining space with furniture and décor that is just as elegant as that of any room in the home.


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