5 Advantages of Choosing a Gas Fire Pit Over Wood Burning

5 Advantages of Choosing a Gas Fire Pit Over Wood Burning

As the popularity of having the convenience of backyard fire pit continues to grow, so do the advancements in the models and designs available. For many homeowners in Long Island, this means resorting to a gas fire pit. Today's gas fire pits are modern, stylish, and generally low maintenance. Read on for more reasons why you should seriously consider one (over a wood burning one)! 

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Numerous Designs to Choose From

Since there are quite a few regulations that impact the design of a wood burning fire pit, there are limitations on the designs. Homeowners are able to put their creative thinking to work and enjoy the backyard fire pit of their dreams when opting for a gas model. Gas fire pits are known to be the safer option available, allowing homeowners to get more creative with their fire pit designs

No Space is Too Big or Too Small

One of the most desirable features of a gas fire pit is the ability to incorporate them into almost any outdoor space. Take advantage of an intimate fire pit setting complete with built in seating for dining and chatting with friends. For a grand display, a large gas fire pit built poolside can feature cascading waterfall effects. 

Less Prepping Means More Enjoyment

Sitting around a wood burning fire pit means that someone must constantly tend the fire. Not to mention, the cutting, hauling, and stacking wood in preparation of a fire can be a dreaded task. And then there is the storage of the wood (which can quickly takeover a beautiful space). With a gas fire pit, these responsibilities are a thing of the past. You can usually experience a fire at its full capacity within as little as five seconds. Keep the party going as long as you wish without fear of the wood running low.

No Messy Clean-Up Required

The benefits of gas fire pits just keep adding up. Once the party comes to an end, simply turn off the gas until next time. There is no debris to remove or charred surfaced to clean. Gas fire pits let off less heat than the traditional wood burning fire pit, so even when placing the gas fire pit within a smaller patio area, the chances of damage being done to surrounding furnishings are minimal. Your only potential cleanup is that some recommend to cover the gas fire pit (depending on the style).

Don’t Get Smoked Out

Sitting around a wood burning pit can leave an unwanted smoke smell on clothing, furniture cushions, and even the home’s siding. Smoke odors can lock themselves deep into the fabric making them hard to get rid of. Gas fire pits don’t create smoke, which in turn doesn’t leave that unwanted smell. 

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