Gazebo and Pergola Trends

Gazebo and Pergola Trends

Gazebos and pergolas are more than a place to provide shade and shelter; they also act as an ornamental element to your home’s landscape. Despite their recent explosion of popularity, they're not something new. For thousands of years, gazebos and pergolas have been used as garden fixtures by various cultures all over the world. Today, the types and uses are endless for us Long Island homeowners.

Gazebo Types

First, get to know the types of gazebos out there.

Rotundas (traditional gazebo): Mid to large gazebo featuring a circular shape with a domed roof.

Folly Gazebos: Decorative piece only and is generally used in areas like flowerbeds.

Pagoda: Based on the architecture of Japan, pagoda gazebos are generally larger than what is traditionally thought of as gazebos.

Pergola: Functional, long gazebo with a roof that is either closed or open with pillars along the sides that support the structure.

Pavilion: Generally thought of as simple and features open sides with a roof. 

Trending Ideas

Poolside shade.

For ultimate elegance and luxury, a poolside pergola is a must. It's perfect for both aesthetics and function (for shade).

Plantings on the pergola.

Consider plantings growing around and on the edges of your gazebo - creating a rustic, natural look.


For an extra layer of shade or protection from the breeze, curtains, particularly cloth, are an easy update to a gazebo or pergola.

Attached pergola.

Attaching a pergola to the exterior part of your home (such as on a deck or patio) is an update to the outdated traditional awning.


Outdoor lighting is essential to any outdoor space - and it doesn't stop with outdoor structures. Extend their use with just enough lighting to maintain safety and ambiance. 

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For an updated, contemporary look, opt for a non-traditional material: aluminum with a roof using polycarbonate materials (like the one in the image from!