5 Reasons You Need a Beach Entry Swimming Pool For Your Long Island Home

A beach entry swimming pool, also known as “zero entry,” is a unique addition to any Long Island landscape due to its shoreline effect. Aside from its striking aesthetic appeal, this pool type provides a range of practical and recreational benefits. Whether your nearest beach is within walking distance or miles away, read these 5 reasons you need a beach entry swimming pool and one might show up on your landscape sooner than you think!

1.      Practical Sunbathing

Tanning shelves and other built-in sunbathing spots are popular features in residential pools. Go one step further with a beach entry swimming pool, whose oceanfront design inherently contains a place to lay back and take in the sun while staying cool. Incorporate a sunbathing section into the natural slope of your poolside “beachfront” instead of creating a completely separate tanning area to maintain spatial and functional continuity.

2.      Safety First

Safety is a necessary priority when it comes to pool design and might be one reason why you need a beach entry swimming pool. Toddlers and small children will delight in an incorporated splash zone while adults can supervise from close proximity. The shallow section is also a perfect place to teach kids and non-swimmers to swim, allowing them to become gradually acclimated with increasing depths.

3.      Instant, Hassle-free Staycation

A zero entry swimming pool is your next best (or sometimes, better) option to a beach day. Import exotic plants and trees for a tropical feel or lay seashells and other ocean-like features throughout your poolscape for a classic beach effect. Paired with a zero entry’s sloping incline, such details are sure to bring a unique oceanside feel to your backyard that won’t have you missing the real thing. You can even go the extra mile and opt for a zero entry salt water pool, offering you a milder alternative to the harsh ocean water.

beach entry swimming pool in long island, ny

4.      Combine Beauty and Entertainment

Aside from its wonderfully practical applications, a beach entry pool is a visually stunning addition to any landscape. With the right hardscaping, layout, and decorative additions, this pool type can actually become the centerpiece of your property. Whether your goal is to create a family-friendly space or a luxe, poolside oasis, a zero entry can be molded to suit your needs. Make your pool both fun and aesthetically beautiful for a one-of-a-kind experience. Related: 3 Reasons To Consider Unilock Natural Stone.

5.      Ease of Access

A beach entry pool is perfect for persons with disabilities who might otherwise have difficulty entering and exiting a traditional pool. The steady slope provides simple access for individuals in wheelchairs to gradually lower in, as well as those who must use assistive walking devices. People recovering from temporary injuries, too, will appreciate the convenience of a beach entry pool. Zero entry might also offer an easier way for individuals with psychological barriers to swimming or large bodies of water to become more comfortable with and enjoy your pool. Related: Why Your Swimming Pool Should Be Heated

Convinced by these 5 reasons you need a beach entry swimming pool? Contact us to discuss how you can build one that works for your home!

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