Incorporating Music Into Your Long Island Landscaping

outdoor music and sound system for landscape architecture in brookhaven and huntington, ny areas

Perhaps you’ve finally achieved your dream patio or outdoor kitchen or maybe you're considering an outdoor living transformation. Complete your vision with a landscape audio system! Incorporating music into your Long Island landscaping provides an additional sensory element, allowing you to create virtually any mood. From summer barbeques to intimate, stay-at-home date nights, an outdoor audio feature will completely change the way you use your yard.

Weatherproof It

A proper landscape audio system must be compatible with all weather types, all year round. For long-lasting durability, outdoor speakers are a necessity, as these types are built to withstand wind, moisture, and acute temperatures. Make sure your speakers are labelled “weather-proof” by their manufacturer; if you plan to use audio in a semi-protected area, however, a “weather-resistant” demarcation is suitable. If exposure to swimming pool chlorine is a possibility, choose speakers with rubber surrounds specifically designed for pool areas. Fertilizers, too, may also cause outdoor audio materials to degenerate, so check manufacturer's specifications regarding fertilizer resistance.

Pay Attention to Sound Direction

Depending on the areas of coverage you plan to have music on your landscaping, the number, spacing, and directivity factor (“Q”) of speakers will vary. For larger spaces, low Q omnidirectional models will ensure equal sound distribution when placed 12 to 15 feet apart; if this spacing distance isn’t possible, medium-low Q speakers placed 8 to 12 feet apart will have the same effect. If you are working with a limited space, such as a small deck or patio, use the lowest Q speakers you can find to avoid uncomfortably loud sound in certain spots.

Make It Smart

Smart technologies are showing up now more than ever inside homes – so why not take them outdoors? Achieve supreme flexibility and ease with an audio system which can connect to your home’s wireless network. Many outdoor speaker manufacturers are offering products with Bluetooth and smart technology capabilities, meaning you can switch on your favorite tunes or adjust the volume from nearly anywhere on your landscape, depending on your home’s wireless signal strength. Invest in a smart outdoor speaker system to effortlessly enjoy music on your landscape.

Incorporate Naturally

An outdoor speaker system should add to your landscape’s appeal, not diminish it. Before installation, consider how important sound quality is to you. If your primary intent is to provide ambient background music, placing speakers behind bushes, in flower beds, and among tall grass seamlessly incorporates music into your landscape without distracting from the overall aesthetic. For sharper sound quality, choose locations wherein speaker output is not physically obstructed. A general rule of thumb: the more solid the object that sits in front of a speaker, the greater its sound barrier. Alternatively, you may opt for trending in-ground or rock-shaped speakers, which are specifically manufactured for outdoor use and offer impeccable sound quality.

With the right weatherproofing, sound control, wireless technology, and integration method, incorporating music into your landscape is an easy and swift process. Invest in an outdoor speaker system to transform your yard. Related: Must Haves For Your Swimming Pool Area.


Image: Sonance