5 Ways to Keep Your Family Outside in the Backyard

backyard activity ideas for the north shore long island family


Why stay indoors, when you and the whole family can enjoy exciting bonding time in your Long Island backyard? As the temperature starts to get milder, this should give you plenty of opportunities to rediscover the beauty of nature along with your dear ones. So, if you have been racking your brains for worthwhile things to do outdoors, then these fun tips should fire up your creative juices.


1. Start a "family garden"

A great way to teach kids how to appreciate plants is by exposing them to the process of sowing, caring, and witnessing tiny seeds grow and bloom lovely blossoms. If the weather permits, encourage your family to set up an area in the yard where everyone can sow some seeds and get into the habit of watering, digging out some weeds that get in the way, and monitoring the plant's growth.

To make it even better, perhaps you can give your family the freedom to choose seeds to plant such as their favorite vegetable, so once these babies are ready, you can all enjoy a nice plate of fresh garden salad for dinner. Yum!


2. Have an awesome backyard camping experience

Camping is a classic outdoor activity that never gets old – and both kids and adults alike can benefit from this experience. If you have ample space in your yard to camp out, then by all means turn this into a weekly family ritual. Set up a huge tent where everyone can fit comfortably, and be sure to line up your sleeping bags and toss in some pillows and a thick blanket for a cozy snooze time.

However, before dozing off, make it a point to start off your camping adventure with a good ol' spooky stories while gathered around the fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Toast some marshmallows or munch on homemade popcorn, and sing old-time favorite camping songs to lighten up the atmosphere. If scary stories are not your thing, go for hilarious anecdotes that will crack every camper up.


3. Go stargazing – and maybe catch a falling star!

Another fine idea for an outdoor activity that every family member can join in is stargazing. There is something quite calming about laying on the soft blanket of grass while looking at the night sky and checking out millions of stars twinkling up above you. Even better, if there is a forecast for meteor shower, your kids will go crazy about witnessing this brilliant display of lights in the sky.

Of course, you can turn any stargazing event into an exciting one. Prepare star-shaped cookies and biscuits, make star-shaped popsicles, lay a fluffy blanket on the grass, and put some pillows, too. Don't forget to set up the telescope, so the whole family can take turns in taking a peek at the gorgeous star-lit sky up close.


4. Enjoy a family picnic

A beautiful day should be well-spent, and there's no other way to do this than by having a nice family picnic. Make nutritious snacks for everyone such as green salad, veggie wraps, carrot cake, baked sweet potatoes and sliced veggies with homemade guacamole or salsa. Then, for some entertainment, play some music and just let this fond moment unfold into a memorable one.

If you want, you may even invite some neighbors and friends to join you. After all, the more the merrier, right?


5. Host a family sportsfest

Time to flex those muscles and show off your strength, and maybe snag a prize at a weekly family sports fest! This is a way to give every family member an opportunity to improve his or her strength whether it is on the physical or mental level. For physical games, great choices include tug of war, horseshoe toss, volleyball, badminton and Twister. Since not everyone is into physical-related activities, you should also prepare other games including chess, scrabbles, Jenga, or even Chinese Checkers.

After each activity, be sure to take note of the winners, and they may compete against each other to determine who the overall champ is. Be sure to have a prize ready whether it is a homemade trophy, medal or a blue ribbon! These games promote self-confidence, creativity, teamwork and collaboration. Plus, these will divert your kids' attention from video games, too.


Spend more time with your family by engaging in these fun outdoor activities that everyone will enjoy. With a well-designed, spacious and lovely backyard, the whole family will surely want to have more bonding time amidst the beauty of nature.