Outdoor Lighting for Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Lighting for Your Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lighting provides safety and aesthetics for all of your outdoor spaces. Every home or property can benefit from outdoor lighting - whether it's in the front entry spaces, walkways, or backyard lounging areas. But where do you start in your planning for outdoor lighting? We've got your starting point covered.

What should be my focus?

Pieces of art, trees, nice brick, stones, paths, front doors, steps or maybe a bench are all great places to think about when lighting your outdoors. There are also three other things to keep in mind about outdoor lighting: security, safety, and most of all sophistication. Whether it is an accent, deck, brick or step lighting, the main idea here is to create areas that you can enjoy hours of relaxation from (either in the space or even just looking at it). Make it ideal for your home!

What are the outdoor lighting options?

There several outdoor lighting fixtures that you can use. Some provide more functional or security benefits while others provide more beauty. Your best bet (as with many things landscaping) is combining options. Here are the main types:


If you have elegant columns and you would like them to standout, uplighting will help you achieve that beautifully. In fact, you can create a visually dramatic effect for architectural and landscape elements if you light the columns from below. This fixture can also be used to create attractive and beautiful shadows on walls. Spotlights, bollards, and flood lights are great for up lighting.

Down Lighting

This outdoor lighting fixture is mainly used to light various outdoor areas like facades, gazebos, and patios. When utilized in the backyard, this fixture can create appealing shadows that resemble moonlighting. It is also perfect to illuminate large spaces for outdoor activities.

Grazing and washing lighting

This outdoor fixture is used to diffuse lighting over vertical outdoor elements. It can also be used to enhance and highlight the texture of various surfaces. Floodlights, spotlights, and wall lights can be used to achieve fascinating grazing effects.

Path Lighting

This is one of the most common fixtures that add safety and style to homes. When installing this type of lighting, professionals usually position them near the edge of the walkway so as to prevent tripping over them. They can also choose to alternate light fixtures from one side of the path to another. 

Sconces or entry lanterns

These are 120v fixtures that mount on doors. They can either be shielded or frosted glass to prevent glare. Their size should be directly proportional to the width and height of the entry.

Recessed lights

These are also 120v outdoor fixtures that are installed in garage doors and eaves over decks. They provide great illumination but are usually hidden.


Most outdoor lighting lamps come with warranties, but the coverage will depend on the type of fixture and the manufacturer. Generally, many LED lamps are usually covered by a 5 to 10-years warranty. The warranty may or may not include the entire fixture and lamp.

Note that quality LED lighting will give you between 30,000 to 50,000 hours of use while a more traditional light will give you between 3,000 to 10,000 hours of service. So in other words, LED lighting will last about four times longer and cost less in replacements.