Beautiful Stone Veneer Masonry Ideas for Your Westhampton, NY, Landscape

While being able to enjoy your Westhampton, NY, landscape year-round depends on the fickleness of the weather, beauty can endure through each and every season. Stone veneer masonry can be admired no matter what the month says on the calendar. It can be used to bring renewed loveliness to areas of your landscape that are not as special as they once were.

What Is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a mixture of cement, lightweight natural aggregates, and iron oxide that is molded to look like real, natural stone. In fact, the manufacturing process involves using natural stone for the molds so that the final product looks like true stone.

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What Are the Advantages?

Beautiful Stone Veneer Masonry Ideas for Your Westhampton, NY, Landscape

Stone veneer is manufactured to be color-fast, fade-resistant, and durable even in extreme weather conditions. Because of its lightweight composition compared to natural stone, stone veneer can be transported farther at a fraction of the cost of stone. It is considered easier to install, and can cover a multitude of existing structures—even structures that have curves. The ends are joined together with no visible seam, and can be cut to fit the smallest areas for a uniform appearance. Since stone veneer requires no special chemicals for cleaning, keeping it clean is as effortless as washing with soap and hosing it down to rinse.

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How Can Stone Veneer Be Used?

With so many application possibilities, you would think there is nowhere stone veneer cannot be used. Veneer can add texture and interest to an exterior wall of your home. Choosing a wall that stands out from the rest of the structure can bring the focus to that area of your home, thus creating a visually distinctive focal wall.

Stone veneer can also be used to bring a modern aesthetic to an entire side of a home, or to create a more rustic charm. If the pillars of your home have lost their appeal, you could have stone veneer added at the base to lend visual weight. The same effect can be used on porches, pergolas, and patios.

Sometimes the brick on the foundation of the home can appear faded, especially when you have decided to give your home a fresh coat of paint. Using stone veneer to update the foundation brings the whole home to a new level of beauty. Another possibility is adding veneer resurfacing to your outdoor fireplace.

Replacing deck railing with stone veneer walls can bring a sense of intimacy to your deck area. This effect can also be true for a poolscape and an outdoor kitchen—the addition of stone veneer masonry can allow you to swim, relax, or cook in privacy.

Stone veneer could also be a fitting choice for the columns and pillars that flank your driveway. To create a cohesive look, continue that same stone veneer on your home’s exterior, fences, and retaining walls.

There are a myriad of color variations in stone veneer to mix and match almost any exterior colors of a Westhampton, NY, home. Colors can be similar to bring about a monochromatic, urban feel, or the colors can contrast with the paint colors to make your stone veneer structures pop.