Update the Exterior of Your Westhampton, NY, Home with Stone Veneer Masonry

Giving your Westhampton, NY, home a fresh new look is now easier than ever, thanks to stone veneer. Stone veneer is a stone tile that is thinner than load-bearing stone blocks. It offers the authentic look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. It also offers a variety of other advantages that make it the ideal material for any renovation or construction. 

Stone veneer siding

Update the Exterior of Your Westhampton, NY, Home with Stone Veneer Masonry

A wide variety of masonry projects can make use of stone veneer, the most prominent of which is stone veneer siding for your home’s exterior. Stone veneer can allow you to completely revamp your home’s exterior in a simple and cost-effective way without compromising on aesthetics. Stone veneer sidings can be found in both natural and faux stone. Increasingly, it is becoming harder to tell faux stone apart from natural products, as manufacturers now often use molds made from actual natural stone pieces. Moreover, you have a much wider variety of colors and textures, as well as a more dependable supply of replacements with a faux stone veneer. 

Stone veneer sidings are also remarkably easy to install, radically cutting down the cost and time involved in the renovation process. Moreover, their light weight does not exert strain on load-bearing structures. Stone veneer also does a good job of insulating the home and protecting it from the elements. The maintenance of stone veneer is also hassle-free - a quick power wash catering to the build-up of dust and grime is usually all that is needed. 


Natural stone walls are often the primary choice for homeowners because of the desirable aesthetic that natural stone provides. However, they are generally not structurally appropriate for heavy loads, and are therefore restricted to use in shorter walls and structures. Natural stone can also be difficult to source, and assembling a natural stone wall is a time-consuming craft. With stone veneer, you can get the authentic look of natural stone without any of these compromises of height, structural integrity, or cost. The walls can be constructed out of concrete, which is both cost-effective and extremely durable. The smooth surface of a concrete or plastered wall is also ideal for adhering stone veneer. Moreover, the wide variety of textures and colors of stone veneer makes it easy to match existing elements to create a more harmonious design. 


Fire pits and fireplaces

Fire features can be a great addition to any home, with the warmth and light of the feature providing a natural focal point for your yard. With stone veneer, fire pits and fireplaces are easier to install than ever, without compromising on the natural stone look we all love and want. The fire pit or fireplace itself can be constructed from plain concrete blocks and tastefully covered with the stone veneer of your choice. With stone veneer, you have the added advantage of choosing the texture and color that will best meld with the surroundings, as well as the overall design of your home. Stone veneer, especially faux stone veneer, is also durable and well equipped to deal with environmental pressures. 


The unmatched versatility, budget pricing and ease of installation, as well as it’s durability and the wide range of color and texture options, makes stone veneer the ideal material for any home exterior renovation.