Hydro-Massage: Bringing Wellness Benefits to your Long Island Swimming Pool

It takes many elements to truly bring together an entire landscape design that offers hours of entertainment and relaxation. Some of the most enjoyable and beneficial elements are those you can’t quite see on the surface. Available for expert installation from The Platinum Group, hydro-massage products from leading manufacturer, Fluvo by Schmalenberger, are guaranteed to integrate health, wellness, and style into your Long Island in-ground swimming pool.  

What Is Hydro-Massage?

The hydro-massage effect is a simple but ingenious method of using water movement to promote body wellness. Vibrating massage streams, combined with a steady flow of air bubbles, pulsate gently for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Going deeper than the surface of the skin, muscles, deep tissue, and joints all reap the benefits of hydro-massage.

Benefits of Hydro-Massage

Easing Pain

This custom pool and spa project located in Long Island, NY was designed and installed by The Platinum Group. The project features custom hydro-massage loungers and Fluvo wellness products. 

This custom pool and spa project located in Long Island, NY was designed and installed by The Platinum Group. The project features custom hydro-massage loungers and Fluvo wellness products. 

The typical 9-to-5 employee spends large amounts of time sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer, developing back tension all day long. Rubbing the affected area is a common remedy but a short-term solution. Hydro-massage takes easing that pain to the next level, creating a relaxing, vibrating bubble effect right on your tensest areas. Hydro-massage nozzles come in a variety of types; the experts at The Platinum Group can help you select a customized combination of nozzles for your exact needs. For example, combining a Fluvo Q-line brushed nozzle with a customized pool lounge seat enables you to relax in style while easing lower back pain.



Long Island Landscape Architects - Platinum Group - incorporates Wellness and Hydro-massage products.

One of the best ways to exercise is moving in water. It’s low impact and highly effective. Water’s natural buoyancy is heightened by hydro-massage products. Take, for instance, the Fluvo Rio Grande hydro-massage nozzle inserted into the floor of your swimming pool. Not only can you use it to massage your feet after a stressful day in the office, but it also increases the feeling of weightlessness you experience in water, making for a more powerful pool workout.


Metabolic Stimulation

Landscaping Long Island, NY

Exposing your body to the bubble effect of hydro-massage creates positive local body effects and increases blood circulation. Improved blood circulation prepares your body for working quicker, which results in a faster, better metabolism. One Fluvo product perfect for this effect is the water cannon; merely standing under a lush flood of water enhances blood circulation, increases metabolic stimulation, and creates all-around good feelings.



Platinum Group - offering Landscaping in Long island, NY - integrates wellness features into their gunite pools and spas. 

One of the highlights of a luxurious poolscape is the social aspect. Both private and commercial pools across Long Island inspire social interaction, which has been shown to relieve stress and vastly improve mood. If your custom pool and spa are the central areas of socialization in your home, they need to be equipped with the hydro-massage products that fit your style. Fluvo’s Cobra Carbon offers a sleek option for a water curtain effect that eases neck pain and relieves stress.


Benefits of Hydro-Massage Installation with The Platinum Group

Masonry Experts on Long Island, NY, Platinum Group, bring custom pool patios solutions to their pools.

Backyard Wellness Expertise

The team at The Platinum Group – the original installation partner of Fluvo products for the Long Island area – is thoroughly experienced in the installation of hydro-massage products. Platinum regularly incorporates wellness products into our custom pools and spas that help bring the benefits of a wellness center to the comfort of your own backyard.


We are very excited to offer Fluvo product installation to the Long Island area and our loyal clients. We know what works best for the Long Island geography and climate, from working for decades on multitudes of Long Island homes. While we take the time to get to know your unique style and aesthetic, we help you make the most fitting pool and spa wellness choices for your outdoor living space.