Landscaping Ideas for Luxurious Outdoor Shower Areas in Southampton, NY

Outdoor showers are not merely cold-running streams to wash off dirt or pool chemicals. In Southampton, NY, an outdoor shower means luxury. Here are a few landscaping ideas for the kind of outdoor shower that creates an indulgent experience.

Extension of the Home

Outdoor showers that connect both architecturally and visually with the home are a great way to extend your indoor space while incorporating the outdoors. Such a shower makes the most out of a nearby deck, terrace, or patio. You could have it attached to your private master bedroom for easy accessibility so that you can experience the beauty and freedom of an outdoor shower whenever you feel like stepping out onto your deck or patio. This kind of outdoor shower literally transforms the original floor plan of your home and extends your living space. For a truly outdoor showering experience, it is important to really incorporate the natural surroundings into the space. Glass walls or a glass roof can bring the natural world into your outdoor shower experience without also letting in the weather. You’d lose the visual effect with curtains or partial walls, but you’d gain the feel of the natural breeze and fresh air, and the delicious smells of flower beds, trees, and mown grass.


Oasis in the Backyard

For those who want the full outdoor shower experience, the standalone outdoor shower is a must. A truly luxurious outdoor shower is a kind of getaway, a vacation without even having to leave your yard. Nothing says vacation and luxury like an oasis of lush greenery surrounding steaming hot water. Whether roofed with a pergola or simply open to the vast blue sky, your outdoor shower should always feel like an indulgence. For privacy, a natural stonewall or a canopy made with fast-growing vines will ensure your privacy while enhancing the oasis-like feel of the shower. Partial walls or walls with eye-level windows also maximize privacy while giving you the best views of your landscape. A truly oasis-like outdoor shower experience is not complete without being surrounded by carefully chosen vibrant flowers, lush trees, and hanging vines. For an even more luxurious outdoor shower experience, consider talking to your landscape professional about including a water feature like a cascading, self-circulating waterfall.


Work with the Landscape

Landscaping Ideas for Luxurious Outdoor Shower Areas in Southampton, NY  

The best outdoor showers are often the ones that fit effortlessly within the existing landscape. Consider locating your outdoor shower in an already private corner or nook in the landscape for optimum privacy. Or consider the view. The most luxurious outdoor showers engage the senses and immerse the user in nature. Whether you’ll be looking upon the incredible sky, a garden, lake, hill, or forest, there is nothing quite as indulgent as a beautiful scene from a warm outdoor shower. 

Materials found in the natural environment can tie your outdoor shower with your landscape. Rustic cobblestone, a textured brick floor, distressed or natural wood, vintage metals, and the right plants and colors will come together for a beautiful landscape and outdoor shower. Additionally, a shower in a spot chosen for its sun exposure is a great way to soak in all of those summer rays.