Gunite vs Vinyl Liner: Which swimming pool is right for your Long Island home?

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Gunite and vinyl liner pools are among the most common inground pool types available to Long Island homeowners. There are some major differences between the two choices, including the construction, cost, durability, and maintenance requirements. Because it’s difficult to find a concrete (pun intended) summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the two online, we are hoping to provide some background on the subject for Long Island homeowners. Before embarking on a large landscape design and installation project, deciding which swimming pool is right for your home and your lifestyle is a critical first step.


Gunite Swimming Pools for Long Island Homeowners

Many high-end, luxury pools installed on Long Island today are crafted using gunite. Put in simplistic terms, the process involves a frame built from molded rebar that is then sprayed over with a concrete mixture with a high pressure spray hose. Also sometimes referred to as concrete swimming pools, gunite pools are the best choice for creating truly unique swimming pools with luxury features such as beach-style entries, sun-tanning chair ledges, infinity-edge or negative edge designs, and truly lagoon-like shapes that blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.  

In addition to the shapes and features afforded by gunite pool construction, there are quite a few interior finishing options that can really bring your pool to the next level.  Colored finishes, pebble-like finishes with glass and quartz, and still others that allow for a slight shimmer in the reflection of the afternoon sun overhead are all options for your gunite swimming pool in Huntington, NY and the surrounding Long Island communities.

All of this beauty, luxury, and design flexibility of course comes at a price. When compared to traditional vinyl liner swimming pools, gunite swimming pools are indeed considerable more expensive to install. Gunite involves a longer installation process and they are crafted by the hands of truly talented pool designers and craftsmen. For Long Island homeowners looking to create a unique backyard oasis for their friends and family to enjoy for many years to come, there often is no substitute to gunite.


Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools for Long Island Homeowners

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Just like the name, liner swimming pools utilize a thin sheet of vinyl custom-sized to the pool design that acts as the barrier between the water and the pool structure. The vinyl liner is secured in a locking track at the top edge by the pool, and is covered over by the pool’s coping.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that vinyl liner pools hold of their gunite counterparts is the lower initial installation cost. Typically far less expensive that gunite, vinyl liner swimming pools sacrifice much of the design flexibility as a trade off for cost reduction. While this is certainly a benefit for those Long Island homeowners with a strict budget, be sure to realize that liner replacement is a very large lifecycle cost requirement as vinyl liners will need to be replaced every 8-15 years or so.

Obviously not as durable as concrete, vinyl liner pools are definitely more prone to accidental damage than gunite pools. The liner material is very thin so precaution must be used to maintain the integrity of the liner. A small slice in the liner can require a large unexpected expense and lost swimming time.

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