Is an Outdoor Waterfall Worth the Cost?

An outdoor waterfall is a fabulous landscape feature that provides serenity to any home garden. Not only does the ceaseless flow of water lend a sense of weightlessness to your body and mind, but the sound it creates evokes instant calm any time of the day. While an outdoor waterfall may seem like the ideal solution for a busy life, you might not be sure if the tranquility is worth the cost. Backyard waterfall installation and maintenance expenses come in a wide range. Consider the following when determining whether an outdoor waterfall is worth it for you.

Waterfall pricing

Outdoor waterfalls come in a slew of different price points depending on installation method, hardscaping, size, and complexity. A freestanding, pondless waterfall can clock in from anywhere between a couple of hundred to $2000+, while a tailor-made garden design complete with a pond, water plants, and custom hardscaping will average at around $5,000-$15,000+. Keep in mind that these are ballpark numbers, as such water features can be endlessly ornamented, leaving endless potential for costs to skyrocket.

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Professional Installation or DIY?

Many companies offer home kits for waterfalls and, even, ponds. As with most DIY projects, you sacrifice design and strength in lasting a long time. The process includes: excavating a hole, putting in a rubber lining, stacking it with natural rocks, and implanting a low-voltage, underwater pump. Maintenance includes occasionally cleaning the reservoir and withdrawing the pump during the wintertime to prevent freezing. Take note, however, that this is a “bare-bones” approach, and DIY waterfalls can reach upwards of $3,000-$5,000. If the time, energy, and concentrated effort to design a functioning waterfall isn’t in your repertoire, a professional installer will handle all the details, from placement to exact sound-effect. If you are adamant about having a seamlessly designed waterfall in your backyard, hiring a professional may likely be worth it. 

Outdoor Waterfalls: Money Drained or Money Saved?

Although a “you get what you pay for” approach is generally true when it comes to outdoor waterfall installation, there are conscious choices you can make to guarantee a worthwhile finished product. For instance, if a waterfall without a pond falls flat for you, don’t sacrifice your aesthetic requirements for a lower priced investment. Is the soothing noise of running water a huge selling point for you? Are you looking for a zen escape - perhaps to do yoga or some reading nearby? And if you need more reasons..there is endless research on the health benefits of water features. 

From evoking a vacation mindset to bringing instant inner peace, an outdoor waterfall can work wonders for you and your property value. Contact us if constructing one seems worth the cost.

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