How Expert Landscaping Can Transform Any Outdoor Patio on Long Island, NY

Your patio is more than just a place to take a seat. Done right, your patio can become an outdoor extension of your living space, as well as a personal oasis where you can get away from it all. With the right blend of expert know-how and imagination, your Long Island, NY, patio can be transformed into an outdoor living area you’ll be proud to share and enjoy. Read on and we’ll show you how expert landscaping can transform your tired and underused patio into a place that’s ready for relaxation and play. 

Artistic Masonry

How Expert Landscaping Can Transform Any Outdoor Patio on Long Island, NY

Make your mark with the latest trends in masonry, using natural stone or high quality pavers. Whether you want to have your patio pop with contrasting trim around the edges, add a sophisticated edge with stone-wrapped columns, or use masonry to highlight your lighting or garden, artistic stone puts the perfect finishing touch on your patio space.


Custom Wood Works

A shady pergola or stunning archway opens up the possibilities for an elegant way to elevate your patio space. Mixing the look of wood with your paver patio creates a dramatic statement. Specially treated wood can be added as an accent to your patio in a variety of interesting ways you may not have considered—you’ll want to ask your trusted landscape professionals how they recommend incorporating wood into the overall look of your patio. 

Gorgeous Gardens

You’ve got a lovely place to sit and gorgeous stonework to boot, but if your patio isn’t properly landscaped with your favorite flowers and greenery, it can feel a little cold and barren. Whether you want to add a few smart native plants to round out your patio space, or wish to cultivate and create your own secret garden, adding foliage to your patio plan could be an excellent idea. Try adding a privacy wall with a trellis and strategically placed vines, or use low hedges to fashion a natural wall for a creative way to use greenery to define your outdoor spaces. 

Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor patio even after the sun goes down with some expertly installed lighting. Whether you want to create a soft and subtle effect with pathway lighting, or really want to light up the night with dramatic sconces or safety lighting, you’ll love the way expertly installed lighting helps to elevate your outdoor space. Consider getting cool colored mood lighting added to your outdoor patio for a fun way to set the mood after dark.


Dramatic Waterfalls

Need to infuse a sense of zen into your patio space? Add a tranquil water feature near your patio for the perfect place to reflect at the end of the day. Fountains and waterfalls offer sereneness to your outdoors that you can see, hear, and feel. Whether incorporated into your in-ground pool or installed as part of a landscaped patio garden, water features create an element of serenity and surprise that will elevate the look of your backyard. 

If you feel as though your patio could use a lift, consider any of these creative options as inspiration to get you started. You too can transform your patio into a shady sanctuary, lush tea garden, sophisticated sitting space, or a truly unique expression of your personal style.