Top 4 Masonry Features for Brookville, NY, Front Yards

A new masonry feature could be the one thing you need to greatly enhance the curb appeal and functionality of your Brookville, NY, front yard. Perhaps a new wall that brings more definition to the wide open space is in order. Or you’d like more lighting in your entranceway but have few places to drape lights. If you’re looking to make your home’s exterior even more beautiful, here are some cool masonry features to consider for your landscape.

Walls for Definition

Using concrete wall units can add definition to the space of your front yard. First, if you have sloping issues on the front of your property, walls can correct the angles to give you more usable space. Walls can also enhance privacy and security by creating a barrier between the street and your yard. Gates could also be installed on masonry walls to provide flexibility while giving your children and animals extra room to play safely.


Pillars for Height

Pillars can add a regal look on both sides of a driveway, by giving you structures for gating the driveway or providing a base for lighting. Another use for pillars is as a base for a mailbox, for yet another opportunity to add personality and custom style to your home.

Front Patios for More Useful space

Top 3 Masonry Features for Brookville, NY, Front Yards

Dedicating even just a few extra feet to a paver patio in the front of your home can add significant curb appeal and value. Having the space for a few lounge chairs in the front can give your home that comfortable, relaxed feel and allow you to have a space to hang out and chat with friends. Add some potted plants, or opt for some masonry planters as the front of your patio for more privacy. High-quality materials, like Brussels Block by Unilock, can bring out the beauty of your home and change the way you use your front yard space.

Spectacular Walkways for the Entrance

Walkways can dramatically impact the visual appearance of a home. As with anything else, people trust their first glance to evaluate what they think of a property’s front exterior. Having elegant paver walkways, compared with outdated poured concrete, can make a huge difference. Adding walkways with a high-quality paver, like Mattoni by Unilock, will make your front yard look inviting, polished, and professional. Add complementary accents to the edges of the walkways, like a darker color or a different style paver, to add interest to your hardscape. You could also play around with the shape of your walkway, by mixing it up with curved lines for a playful, modern take.


Walls, pillars, patios, and walkways are four ways to use masonry to add practicality and style to your front yard. All of these options are readily visible to anyone who sees your home, and will dramatically impact their overall first impression. They also have useful functions that will enhance your home life and add value to the property should you ever decide to sell your home. If you have questions or want more information about how a professional contractor can use masonry to enhance your front yard, click on Inquire and we’ll be glad to help!

Image courtesy of Unilock.