3 Landscape Design Ideas for Making Your Oyster Bay, NY, Patio Feel More Secluded

When you live in Oyster Bay, NY, having a spot to retreat from the stress of daily life can be a huge plus. While it is nice to take a vacation to relax, getting away is not always an option. A secluded backyard patio can provide the feeling of being all alone but with the convenience of being right outside your back door. Consider these three landscape ideas to make your patio feel more private.

Trees and Plants

One way to transform a patio space into a secret hideaway is with trees and low growing shrubs. Trees with slim trunks and dispersed, high-reaching leaves can bring shade and privacy to your patio area without sacrificing space. Placing several of these trees at intervals along the edge of the patio can create a “tree wall.”

3 Landscape Design Ideas for Making Your Oyster Bay, NY, Patio Feel More Secluded

Boxwood shrubs or any other shrub that doesn’t lose its leaves can give the feeling of a “hedge wall” in much the same way a low retaining wall would. These bushes fill in to form a living wall of privacy from surrounding neighbors, and they can also reduce nearby noise.

Privacy Fence

Often when some of us think about a privacy fence, we envision an unattractive wood wall, but a fence can be quite beautiful. A slatted fence of horizontal wood planks on two sides can allow breezes to filter through along with dappled sunlight. Privacy fences could also be used to set up places to plant your favorite flowers and vegetables.


Raised beds adjoining the privacy walls of your Oyster Bay, NY, patio can offer spots to cultivate roses, special miniature fruit trees, or herbs for cooking. Add a pretty arch to the entry of your patio to dress up the outdoor space or think about a pergola to divide the patio into defined zones for different purposes. A pergola can provide a shady spot to relax and read, or to visit with friends. The beauty of this kind of structure is that it adds a secluded retreat without a closed-in feeling.

Retaining Wall

If you are considering a permanent addition to your patio, a rock retaining wall can be an ideal means to create seclusion. A retaining wall can be constructed of many types of rocks or stone, in almost any color and pattern conceivable. Top a low wall with a trellis to train flowering vines, or add planting space with built-in raised beds. Retaining walls can also be used to add extra seating for when you want to enjoy time outside with friends on a gorgeous evening. This can be especially useful if you live on a narrow lot and love to entertain.


With any addition of privacy walls to your patio, you may want to consider a small fire feature or water feature. When you are enjoying your outdoor space, the sound of either fire or water can be so calming and peaceful. And a fire feature can extend your use of a patio further into the fall and even winter. A warm drink by the fire is a fun way to end a long week. Finally, low lighting would bring an ambient glow to your private oasis.

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