Let a Gunite Pool Builder Turn Your Backyard into a Tropical Paradise in Westhampton, NY

When it comes to constructing a completely customized pool in Westhampton, NY, opting for a gunite pool is by far the best way to go. Whatever shape, size, or layout you desire for your aquatic paradise, a gunite pool builder will be able to make it a reality. Entrust experienced professionals with the right skills and tools, like the Platinum Group, to construct a pool that will keep you outdoors all summer's day.

Create a Paradise with Islands

Gunite pools offer the option to create islands of various shapes and sizes. These fun features make excellent tanning spots, so ensure that you pop a few comfortable recliners along the edge of yours. A fire pit surrounded by wicker chairs will be a hit as the evening chill sets in—ensure that you include a sturdy bridge in order to access it without setting a toe in the water. Luxurious features like these set resort-worthy backyards apart from the rest.


Similar extravagant features for your gunite pool include a vanishing edge, which is built flush with the water level with a catchment area below to take care of spills. Vanishing edges are perfect additions for pools that overlook a stunning view. A gunite pool can also be graded so that the depth increases gradually, making it feel similar to wading into a calm ocean or lake. This is commonly known as a beach entry and can add creative and tropical elements to your backyard.

Enhance Your Aesthetic with Finishes

Let a Gunite Pool Builder Turn Your Backyard into a Tropical Paradise in Westhampton, NY

Once the concrete shell of your gunite pool has been installed, you can choose from a variety of finishes to have it concealed. These finishes will define the aesthetic of your pool and, to a large extent, your landscape. Traditional homes tend to come accompanied by tiled pools with mosaic accents. If you are trying to create an outdoor oasis, opt for more natural finishes in earthy tones. Sandy-colored pebbles, for example, will give your pool a natural, tropical appearance.

Opt for a Natural Layout

One of the main advantages of opting for a gunite pool is the wide variety of shapes and sizes in which they can be constructed. Their concrete shells can mold to the edges of any excavation, regardless of how curved or angular it may be. A curvaceous design is an excellent option for tropical paradise-like pools. A pool that weaves around other permanent landscape features, like large trees, tend to bear a more natural appearance. This kind of pool will also appear to yield to the natural curvature of your landscape rather than forcing its way through in a typically artificial manner.


With the potential for such spontaneous flowing layouts, gunite pools are able to emulate natural bodies of water like large ponds. If you would prefer a calming lakeside aesthetic as opposed to a beachy vibe, consider surrounding your gunite pool with plenty of vegetation and large boulders. Gunite pools also make it possible to have tranquil waterfalls cascade into their depths. Regardless of your desired aesthetic, you can keep your landscape interesting and unique with a meandering gunite pool.

Image courtesy of Unilock.