4 Ways to Decorate Your East Hampton, NY, Courtyard with Masonry

The increasing desire for expanded living space and beautiful outdoor rooms means courtyards are getting the attention they rightly deserve. Transform your East Hampton, NY, courtyard with stunning masonry additions to create a space that’s both functional and inviting. Whether your courtyard is compact or spacious, we can help you convert it into an outdoor living space that enhances your lifestyle.

What Is a Courtyard?

A courtyard offers the privacy of a secluded room with the benefit of fresh air and open skies. Generally found in the center of or adjacent to the home, a courtyard features walls on at least three sides and is open to the sky above.

4 Ways to Decorate Your East Hampton, NY, Courtyard with Masonry

These semi-enclosed spaces add charm to any home, whether it’s part of a great entryway, a coveted urban terrace, or an enclosed backyard. The addition of hardscaping features such as benches, walls, planters, and decorative masonry can help revive a tired courtyard into a functional outdoor room.

Find the Right Masonry Style

Hardscaping experts know that your masonry style can completely change the look and feel of a courtyard. If you dream of an old-world European style courtyard, pavers designed to look like cobblestones could provide the right aesthetic. For a space more in tune with nature, opt for flagstone pavers that offer the feel of a country garden. Create a courtyard to complement your craftsman style home with premium quality natural stone in large paver sizes.


For a more modern courtyard, porcelain tiles are available in a wide selection of styles, colors, and patterns to suit a contemporary-style home. They are also stain-resistant and extremely durable, making them well suited to multipurpose outdoor rooms where spills sometimes occur. To liven up your courtyard, ask your contractor about artistic masonry designs. From borders to faux inlay rug designs, pavers can elevate the look of your courtyard and help enforce the feel of an outdoor room.

Include Built-In Seating

Built-in seating could further your efforts of creating a relaxing and inviting courtyard. While the addition of moveable seating may add comfort, built-in seating offers space-saving convenience. Make the most of limited space by having benches built along courtyard walls. Or make a retaining wall serve multiple purposes by adding cushions and turning it into a bench.

Incorporate a Water Feature

The addition of a water feature will transform almost any outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. From a small-scale fountain to a modern pond, adding a water feature to your courtyard will allow the soothing sound of moving water to mask out any unwanted noises.


Your courtyard could feature a hot tub or plunge pool for your own private backyard oasis. Our landscape designers can create a unique courtyard plan that incorporates a water feature along with areas for outdoor living.

Add Greenery with Raised Planters

The one drawback to some courtyards is that they can often lack greenery. Turn a lifeless courtyard into a lush garden with the addition of raised planters. Adding long planters filled with tall plants or grasses along courtyard walls will create the look of a green wall. This can help camouflage a large expanse of masonry and make your courtyard feel more natural.

Strategically placed planting beds can also help define zones in your outdoor space. Use them to create privacy or divide outdoor rooms. With the addition of smooth coping, they can also serve as a place to sit.