Landscape Design Ideas for Bohemian Style Backyards in Brookville, NY

If warm, earthy colors interspersed with pops of electric blue or bold orange appeal to you, then the Bohemian style could be just the look you need for your Brookville, NY, backyard. Combining and layering comfortable, warm colors with a hint of metallic and a jolt of bold color defines the Bohemian look. Is it possible to extend this decorating style from the inside to the outside of a home? The answer is yes! Here are some Bohemian style landscape design ideas for your backyard.

The Foundation

The Bohemian look usually begins with warm mix of white, tan, brown, and earthy red. Use this palette for comfortable couches and chairs. This can be especially beautiful on a patio area of red brick pavers or simple cobblestones. Choosing furniture with an all-weather wood base can increase the texture and tone of the overall Bohemian color foundation. Consider adding a wood pergola to one side of the backyard space to invite that intimate, cozy feel of a special space.



Landscape Design Ideas for Bohemian Style Backyards in Brookville, NY

Just as landscapes have layers to them, so does a free-spirited backyard design. Starting with the hardscape floor, you could add a colorful, whimsical outdoor rug for the exact look you crave. Part of the Bohemian appeal is the mismatched patterns, so don’t worry if it does not perfectly match. You can even layer different rugs, as well as add floor pillows, to increase the seating area.

Assorted sized pillows in bold hues of cobalt blue and mandarin orange and vibrant purple can make the surrounding natural palette seem electric. Patterns, in pillows, throws and stools, can bring sophistication to your backyard plan. Even leather accessories such as ottomans and tabletops reflect the fun of Bohemian layering.

Plants and Planters

Boldly colored planters can hold floral plants that spill over the edges, creating a softness that complements the mismatched vibe. Ferns and trailing ivy are at home in a Bohemian landscape. The “more is better” philosophy guides this landscape—more plants to bring in nature, more pillows to create comfort, and more patterns to make the look you’re curating unique.

Lighting and Metallics

A key component to accomplishing a Boho landscape is ambient lighting. There are no harsh lights here—think twinkle lights hanging from trees and the pergola. Candles and multiple hanging lanterns can contribute to the soft glow and relaxing atmosphere, while incorporating a fire feature such as a fire pit or fireplace can add flickering patterns and actual warmth on a chilly night. Wiring an ornate, antique chandelier to hang in the center of a covered patio or pergola mixes lighting with a beautifully finished object. Hanging some large gold mirrors on the side of the house to increase the reflected light and enhance the twinkle could bring the wow factor to your backyard.

Your Own Stamp

Don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on a Bohemian yard—mix in mismatched china, objects from travel, glass trinkets, and statues. Any object that you love can become part of the mixture of colors and patterns.

If you love the idea of a Bohemian style for your Brookville, NY, backyard, The Platinum Group creates sophisticated residential outdoor living projects and delivers extraordinary landscapes for homeowners.