Innovative Masonry In-Pool Furniture in Westhampton, NY

Cannonballs, backstrokes and pool floats make your Westhampton, NY, pool a fun place to splash and play during warm weather months. But it could be even more enjoyable. Masonry can add the fun and relaxation with a permanent place to lay back and soak in the cool water in a comfortable way. Masons are full of innovative ideas these days when it comes to adding furniture in your pool so that you can fully enjoy your swimming pool. Read on and we’ll share some truly unique and eye-catching ideas that you can use to make your in-ground pool the place you never want to leave. 

Chaise Lounge

Innovative Masonry In-Pool Furniture in Westhampton, NY

Half in, half out, or all the way submerged, integrated chaise lounges are the perfect way to really lay back and soak up the sun. Paired up in groups of two or more, these chairs can be flanked by integrated side tables for your favorite beverage or sizzling summer paperback. Pool chaises can be added anywhere in your pool, but may work best as a sidecar section to your main swimming area, in a shallow, easy-to-access space. There are a number of different modern in-pool chaise lounge chairs to choose from, so ask your masons or landscapers what they would suggest to meet your relaxation needs. Laying out by the pool—why not lay in the pool instead? 


Tiered Benches

Swimmers of all ages will appreciate taking a rest in the pool with integrated tiered benches. Whether you are enjoying conversation or teaching a toddler how to swim, tiered benches are a versatile way to add unobtrusive seating to the interior of your pool. You could have a bench flanking the entire length of one side of your pool, or you could opt for a few levels of seating by the entryway stairs. Either way, tiered benches can help you and your guests enjoy the water with comfort and ease. Not only is this a masonry feature designed for rest and relaxation, but tiered benches can also be installed for safety, providing young children and new swimmers a place to rest in deep water. 


Waterside Bar and Stools

Want a really fun way to beat the heat? Try taking your snacks, meals, and drinks out on the water with an integrated bar and stools. Whether your bar is integrated into the side of the pool or acting as a standalone island in the center of the pool, a place to sip and snack while your still enjoying the water is a novel and exciting way to upgrade your pool. And since integrated pool bars are so versatile, you can really infuse your own sense of style and personality into the overall look, by adding lights, specialty masonry, and unique shapes and silhouettes to complete the finished product. 

The only limit to adding in-pool furniture to your in-ground pool is imagination! With some know-how and innovative ideas, your trusted masonry contractor can provide you with new benches, chaise lounges, or even a bar and stools to achieve a pool that’s made for fun and relaxation. Imagine how many hours you will spend in your pool—and how much more enjoyable your summers could be.