5 Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your East Hampton, NY, Backyard

While some people may think that summer is the best season to spend in the backyard, the fall brings its share of charms and reasons to get friends and family outdoors. It certainly helps when your East Hampton, NY, backyard has all the right amenities to make the season special. If you have been looking for a few great ways to spruce up your outdoor space when the temperatures drop, read on and we’ll show you five fall landscaping ideas for your backyard. 

Fire Feature

5 Fall Landscaping Ideas for Your East Hampton, NY, Backyard

A true must for the season is a warm and inviting fire feature. Whether you’re enjoying drinks with friends or making s’mores with the kids, a fire pit helps to take the chill out of the evening as you sit in awe of a full moon or a sky full of seasonal stars. 

If you’re looking for an even bigger fire feature statement, then an outdoor fireplace is also a great way to update your exterior for the season. Consider adding a mantle to decorate with spooky Halloween décor, or you could add pumpkins to the hearth in between fires for a great way to set the mood in your backyard. Best of all, even when fall is over, there will be opportunities to continue enjoying your fire feature.


Plant Fall Perennials

Spring and summer isn’t the only time for flowers to bloom. Choose perennials that show their beauty in the fall, too, for a garden that won’t disappoint as the temperatures drop. Ask your trusted landscaper which fall perennials can work best in your climate and which hones could help to accent your property in the most attractive way. 

Party Pergola

What better place to enjoy cider and apple bobbing with friends than in your own party pergola? Pergolas offer an instant place to gather and enjoy the crisp fall weather with the family, and your new pergola could offer the perfect backdrop for fall decorations. Consider decorating yours with spiderwebs and spooky lights for Halloween, or fall leaves and harvest décor for the rest of the fall season to make your outdoors fully festive. 

Retaining Walls

What better place to display your intricately decorated jack-o’-lanterns, hay bales, and Halloween décor than on a buttoned-up retaining wall? Not only are retaining walls functional (and help to fight off erosion), they also make a great place for extra friends and guests to rest at your epic Halloween party.


Outdoor Lighting

Fall also means the approach of daylight savings time, meaning less daylight for you after work and on the weekends. Don’t let the changing seasons chase you out of your backyard after the sun goes down; instead, invest in exterior illumination. Walkway lighting or even ambient lighting in your backyard will help to make your space safer and more enjoyable to use when the days are not so long. 

With a little imagination and a few essential updates, your backyard can become a more enjoyable space in the fall months. Whether you want to light up the night with a fire feature or exterior illumination, or simply want to install some fall-friendly perennials, updating your backyard is an excellent way to welcome the season in style.