3 Masonry Ideas for Your Outdoor Fireplace in Westhampton, NY

Warm, inviting and friendly … your dream of creating a custom outdoor fireplace is close at hand! You may be ready to install an outdoor fireplace at your Westhampton, NY, home, but are you still undecided on the overall look? Most homeowners aren’t masonry experts, and may have a hard time choosing the best style and design features to add to their outdoor installations. If you feel a little lost when it comes to creating a look for your outdoor fireplace, read on and we’ll let you in on three of our favorite masonry ideas. 

Mixed Bricks

3 Masonry Ideas for Your Outdoor Fireplace in Westhampton, NY

Red bricks are the quintessential material that comes to mind for many people when they think of constructing a fireplace. Classic red brick fireplaces work well with traditional style, ranch style, and antique homes, and could help give your outdoor space a warm and familiar feel. However, red bricks can also run the risk of looking boring. So to combat a ho-hum red brick look, be sure to mix up your patterns, color, and materials to give your project a contemporary feel. 

One way to make red brick more interesting is by adding a mix of dark and light bricks to your overall project to create eye-catching variations in patterns. Another option is to create a feature area (like over the mantle) in a contrasting laying pattern to help add interest. Chevron patterned brick accent areas are a popular choice for creating a big impact on your outdoor fireplace while still using the same materials. 


Statuesque Stone

Stone outdoor fireplaces are among the more popular additions to contemporary, modern, and rustic style exteriors. There are a variety of stone types to choose from, including rough cut, round, and natural, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes as well. 

Rough-cut and round stone help to create a cozy, contemporary look in your outdoor fireplace, and can be stacked and laid many different patterns. However, if you want to create the ultimate unique and personalized outdoor fireplace, an expertly chosen mixture of stones can help you create a fire feature that’s sure to wow. 

Integrated Extras

There’s more to your fireplace than just a fire box and mantel! Once you’ve decided on which type of materials you want to use to construct your outdoor fireplace, consider combining an additional masonry feature to elevate your project. Love to cook and dine outside? Try adding a pizza oven to the side of your fireplace to host the most amazing dinner parties in town! Want to create a center for friends and family to gather around? Integrate a curved retaining wall into your fireplace and you’ll always be sure to have a space for extra guests to take a seat. Need a place to stylishly stash your firewood? Have your overall plan include storage space for you to safely stack firewood in between uses. 


When it comes to creating a look for your outdoor fireplace, the only limit can be your imagination. Consider your personal design preferences and find a way to incorporate them into your outdoor lifestyle needs and you’ll be sure to create a gorgeous fire feature for all to enjoy.