Inspiring Covered Patio Designs for Your Port Jefferson, NY, Landscape

Extend your Port Jefferson, NY, landscape and overall living space with a beautifully covered patio. The latest landscape design trends call for the consideration of a pergola, gazebo, and possibly even a fire pit. When a new addition is integrated with the homeowner’s personal touch, the end result is a stylish patio area that looks and feels like part of the home. Read on for interesting covered patio designs to inspire your new landscape transformation.

Get the Party Started

A party-ready, covered patio is perfect for maximizing your space and making larger gatherings convenient and worry free (no more fretting about rain when party planning). Natural stone and wood are a killer combination for sheltering the patio with different elements such as a ceiling, pillars, and arches. Create a cohesive, eco-friendly environment with the pleasant texture of concrete, stone, and wood. You may want flooring in vibrant colors to reflect your style and personality.

Set the scene with the help of a landscape design firm and inquire about how a fire pit, lighting, and built-in patio furniture could become a part of your vision. Aside from keeping everything neat and organized, built-in furniture will make your newly extended outdoor lifestyle more practical.


Dine Al Fresco

An extended covered patio area could give you a way to create multiple zones in your landscape. Keep in mind you’ll want a seamless flow from one spot to another, whether you need to connect a lounge area with your newly covered dining area, for example.

Most everyone loves to dine outside, especially if they’re having a nice meal and a nice view. Give your guests the pleasure of seeing lovely landscape views right from their seats, with an open, stained-cedar pergola covering the patio. To create a sense of openness, you could have a light, blue-gray paver installed for the patio flooring. You could also consider a custom-made deck that incorporates patio cover shades and blinds or a roofline that can be raised any time.

Combine Beauty and Technology

Family movie time or romantic movie dates shouldn’t be limited to the indoors. Technology can become a part of your outdoor living space when you have a covered patio. The cover could protects the tech-equipped patio from the weather, opening up your entertaining possibilities. All you’ll need to add is some popcorn.


Stand-Alone Covered Patio

Inspiring Covered Patio Designs for Your Port Jefferson, NY, Landscape

It is not a rule that the patio should be directly connected to the home. Creative design solutions make it possible to establish a fantastic, stand-alone, covered patio construction that will wonderfully work with the rest of your yard. Shield a beautiful patio with a redwood pergola, for instance. It could support lush, growing vines for a stunning aesthetic. Consider a custom-made steel frame or a Tuscan-style wood ceiling.

A large covered patio area should include lots of details to paint a picture of a welcoming and put-together outdoor living area. For example, a tile-roof area can strategically shelter an outdoor fireplace, maximizing the flexibility of the patio with built-in seating that can also serve as a storage area.