Landscaping Tips for the Summer and How We Can Help in Westhampton, NY

When you’re in the thick of summer, thoughts to turn to the landscape and whether it’s in the best shape it can be. Hotter weather brings new challenges to keeping your cool and enjoying your outdoor space in style. Read on and we’ll show you all of the essential landscaping tips you need for the summer, and how we can help for your Westhampton, NY home. 

Stay in the Shade

Landscaping Tips for the Summer and How We Can Help in Westhampton, NY

On some days, outdoor spaces become more enjoyable when you can find ways to stay in the shade. Natural and manmade options offer a go-to solution, and can also add beauty and functionality to your backyard during the summer months. Your trusted landscaping professional can guide you toward finding the right types of trees and foliage to plant, and where they should be oriented on your lawn, to create the optimum sun-blocking effect. 

Looking for another shady idea? A pergola offers a trendy yet timeless way to create a covered extension to your outdoor area that you’ll be sure to enjoy during the summer months. String your pergola with decorative lights and you have a unique outdoor display when the sun goes down too! There are a variety of pergola designs to choose from to complement the exterior of your home, so be sure to speak to your landscape professional for guidance on finding the right construction for you. 


Water Features

A sure way to keep your cool and enjoy your outdoor spaces during the summer is with a relaxing dip in your very own pool. Installing a pool would add beauty and value to your property, all while offering you and your guests a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. Outdoor showers are also a great addition to help you keep cool and wash away sweat and grime during the summer months, and can also help clean off dirty feet before you enter your home or pool. 

If you already have a pool, but feel like it could use a facelift, installing a paver pool deck or even adding a waterfall or fountain may be a great way to elevate the overall look. When you’re looking to beat the heat and enjoy your outdoor spaces during the summer months, you could make water an integral part of your overall landscaping plans. 


Game On

Summertime is synonymous with play time, so why not integrate a unique way to get active into your landscape? Whether you want to create a place to play ball, throw some bean bags, or just play an oversize game of Connect Four, specialized game centers enhance how you socialize with friends and enjoy your outdoor spaces during the summer months. Consult with your trusted landscaping pros for ways to add a little bit of fun and games to the overall aesthetic of your backyard. 

You do not want to let the heat get you beat and drive you inside. Make the most of the wonderful outdoors by maximizing your outdoor living space. Keep it in tiptop shape and consider updating your landscaping with gorgeous solutions that would add great value and enjoyment to your summer days!