How to Find the Best Gunite Pool Builder in the Smithtown, NY, Area

If you have been thinking of adding a pool to your Smithtown, NY, backyard, this can be the ideal time of year to install a gunite swimming pool since there is plenty of warm weather left. You will want to find the best gunite pool builder for your project, so here are some things to look for when researching.

Why Gunite Is Best

How to Find the Best Gunite Pool Builder in the Smithtown, NY, Area

For a gunite pool, the first step is to dig the hole for the pool. Because gunite pools are one of the highest quality pools there is, this pool type can be designed in any shape you want. This can be a true advantage when you want a swimming pool to fit a specific area of your backyard, or you want it to be a unique shape. 

The hole is reinforced with rebar that is over-sprayed with a concrete and sand mix. Once that is dry, you will have a choice from a wide variety of finishes to complement your home and architecture. You can choose from a traditional white or colored plaster for the bottom of your pool. A quartz finish is similar to plaster except the sand is replaced with crushed quartz, giving the final finish a pretty sheen and slight sparkle. Or you can choose a pebble finish of polished stones.

With a gunite pool, you have the option of adding a waterfall for drama and fun, a fire feature which can be especially exciting after dark, and any other custom feature you desire to bring interest to your landscape. 

Gunite pools are a top choice because they are flexible, extremely durable, breath-taking, and provide matchless landscape appeal.


How to Find the Best Gunite Pool Builder

One of the most important qualities that a gunite pool builder should have is happy clients. Your gunite pool builder should have examples ready for you to inspect previous pool installations, as well as references that you can talk with to get a feel for how previous projects were handled from start to finish.

A gunite pool builder should have the capability to listen to what you want, look at the pictures of pools that you love, suggest new ideas for you to consider, and visit your site ahead of time to understand how the pool will fit into your lifestyle and the landscape.

The best pool builder will have the education and experience to design the unique pool you want while overseeing the entire process from start to finish. Attention to the small details is what separates an exceptional gunite pool builder from the rest.


A 3D computer rendering of the pool can help you envision how a pool will fit into your landscape, and blend seamlessly with the rest of the terrain and structures. A reputable landscape contractor will keep in touch with you throughout the project, from the design phase to the final drop of water that’s used to fill your gorgeous new custom pool. 

Look for a gunite pool builder that has a reputation for delivering the finest pools in New York, one who can transform your Smithtown, NY, property with a true custom gunite pool that surpasses all of your expectations.