A Gunite Pool Builder’s Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Shape in Southampton, NY

When you decide to invest in a gunite pool for your Southampton, NY, landscape, you want to choose the best and most appropriate shape for your property that will make you happy throughout the warm seasons. There are so many shapes available today that the choice can feel overwhelming, so here are tips from a gunite pool builder to help you decide.

Things to Decide Before Construction

A Gunite Pool Builder’s Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Shape in Southampton, NY

Before you can choose a shape for your gunite pool, there are some critical details that you need to address. First, what is your budget? A budget can help with the choice of shape because it may rule out a larger shape. Remember to include some wiggle room in your budget since there can be unforeseen problems that add expense to the pool.

Second, how much space do you have available for a swimming pool? An expert gunite pool builder can visit your site and give you wise suggestions for what size and shape pool your property can accommodate.

Third, who will be using your gunite pool? Will it be mostly adults, or will you have family members with lots of kids over to swim? Do you plan to use your pool at night, which means that you need lights?

And, finally, does your pool need to have a true deep end of 12 feet, or will 6 feet be enough? Thinking through the requirements for your pool area can speed the process tremendously and help you communicate clearly with the gunite pool builder as you work toward the ideal pool.


Kidney-Shaped Pool

This may be the shape that comes to mind if a luxurious pool is your preference. It’s the kind you see in older Hollywood movies, and it can be excellent for the cost-conscious as the pool can be deep but does not require as much perimeter footage as other shapes.

Rectangular Shaped Pool

A rectangular pool presents a clean, angular appearance that suits a contemporary or traditional home, fitting well into a long backyard. An advantage that can be overlooked is that because it’s a popular pool shape, it’s often easier to find covers and other accessories for it.

L-Shaped Pool

The L-shaped pool is popular with swimmers of all ages. With a dedicated shallow end that is perpendicular to the deeper end, young swimmers can splash around without bothering the more accomplished swimmers.


Custom-Shaped Pool

If you want a custom-shaped pool with more upscale features, a gunite pool builder has ideas for any type of pool you envision. For instance, infinity pools are popular right now with their dramatic vanishing edge. This pool works best when placed near other water such as a lake or ocean, or near mountains, to increase the illusion of blending with the surrounding environment.

The free form pool does not adhere to any design standards and instead follows the terrain for its shape. Complemented by gorgeous landscaping, a free form pool can truly seem to blend with the landscape.

A gunite pool specialist can provide the ultimate landscape design innovation and selection with chief expertise and training, as well as a 3D rendering of a personalized vision-turned-design.