8 Perks of Adding a Stone Fire Pit to Your Landscape Design in Glen Cove, NY

If your backyard isn’t quite the retreat you wish it were, start with the one element that could make you want to spend as much time outside as possible: a stone fire pit. The appeal of a warm fire outdoors is undeniable. Here are eight perks of adding a stone fire pit to your landscape design in Glen Cove, NY.

A Calming Place to Gather and Relax

8 Perks of Adding a Stone Fire Pit to Your Landscape Design in Glen Cove, NY

There’s nothing quite like gazing at dancing flames after a stressful day at work. Before you know it, your stress has melted away and you’re feeling tranquil and happy. And nothing quite draws people together for conversation like fire. Fire lets you make the most of chilly evenings and extend your outdoor entertaining season.

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Marshmallows Are Irresistable

Who doesn’t love having a campfire experience right in their backyard? If you can’t get away for the weekend, you can feel like you can, with some sticks and marshmallows.


Natural Seating

Many people opt to install a sitting wall around the fire pit to create the perfect atmosphere for conversation without the clutter of clunky yard furniture.


A fire pit adds an inviting ambience and sophistication that is sure to be a major feature in your backyard—potential buyers are likely to take notice when you’re ready to sell.


Artistic Expression

Aside from choosing fire pit shapes and materials, if you opt for a gas fire pit, you can add sophistication and flair with colored rocks or fire pit glass instead of traditional lava rock. Fire pits themselves come in many shapes and styles to complement any aesthetic and lifestyle: round, square, rectangular; gas or wood burning; large or small; simple or ornate. Many style and materials choices ensure that the fire pit will fit perfectly into your surroundings.

Outdoor Cooking

Add a grilling tray to instantly transform your wood burning fire pit into a barbecue.

Light Up the Night

A fire pit gives your outdoor living spaces a wonderfully warm, inviting glow.

Bringing People Outdoors Even in Winter

Fire up the pit, snuggle in a fleece blanket and bring a steaming mug of cocoa out on a moonlit night when there’s snow on the ground. Every evening becomes magical!

Fire Pit Options

Stone fire pits are not all the same. With multiple choices, you can decide on one that will be perfect for your home and preferences.

Wood fire pits: These tend to be less expensive as they are simpler to install and use. The benefits are warm, fragrant, and authentic wood fire anytime you want.

Gas fire pits: Considered safer than wood-burning fire pits, a gas fire pit offers an adjustable flame, no smoke, and they are customizable with colored glass or rock.

Gas fire tables: As a contemporary and highly sought-after type of fire pit, a fire table offers ambience as well as a place to eat and drink. Many are elongated and narrow, with clean lines that can fit perfectly into a modern setting.

Gas tabletop fire pit: Small, lightweight, and portable, this type of fire pit lets you put it away when you want to use the space for something else.

When it comes to materials, permanent fire pits can be constructed of natural stone or manufactured stone in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and textures to suit your decor.