Masonry Ideas for Your Sag Harbor, NY, Driveway Using Concrete Pavers

A newly built driveway will have an instant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Outdated materials can be damaged, hazardous, or just plain unappealing. But modern-day pavers are reliable for heavy-duty applications like driveways, and as a Unilock Authorized Contractor, we work with top-of-the-line products. Here a few masonry ideas for upgrading your Sag Harbor, NY, driveway with quality pavers.

Classic Brick Driveway

Masonry Ideas for Your Sag Harbor, NY, Driveway Using Concrete Pavers

Brick is a coveted material for landscape architecture because of its classic European style. Brick-like concrete pavers are even better because they won’t split, crack, or fade like real bricks. The Town Hall paver by Unilock is made using Ultima technology, so it’s four times stronger than poured concrete. This is a great option for applications like driveways where strength is needed. The small size of Town Hall also makes it perfect for any number of laying patterns, like a traditional herringbone pattern. The Heritage 3 Colour Blend is a swirly mix of blues, reds, and browns that looks beautiful contrasted with a soldier course accent border in the near-black Basalt color. The dark paver at the border makes the colors of the Heritage Blend pop, fitting for driveway applications that call for a splash of whimsy.

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Minimalist and Modern

Modern homes need updated driveways to match, and pavers are the material for the job. Contemporary design is often associated with a minimalist style, clean lines, and a polished finish. Senzo from Unilock brings all these to the table in two simple midsize shapes, rectangular and square. Choose one or both for your driveway project from three different colors: Nuvola, a mix of brooding grays; Castano, a mesh of rich browns; and Cremo, a cool, neutral beige. As an Enduracolor product, Senzo is made in a two-step manufacturing process that disperses color-rich aggregates of quartz and granite to produce a natural-looking product that’s wear-resistant. Incorporate other elements like Tribeca Cobble from Unilock as an accent or border if you want to add a bit of texture.

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Green Alternatives

To manage water runoff, permeable pavers are a great option. Made with a permeable base and joint compound, permeable pavers allow water to flow back into the groundwater system and away from your home. Eco-Priora is one paver from Unilock leading the way in more sustainable hardscapes. With a classic rectangular shape, use the 5” x 10” size for traditional laying patterns. There’s also a 5” square and a 10” square option available so you can make more intricate laying patterns. There are also four different finish options so you can choose one that you like or mix and match for visual interest. Umbriano Finish is smoother and more polished, while the Series Finish has the texture of natural granite. Use Town Hall, which is also a permeable option, for borders and accents that bring definition and color.

These are just some of the possibilities for a stunning paver driveway that can enhance the curb appeal of your home. Other options include cobblestone, tumbled pavers, and custom designs, like patterns or unique shapes integrated into your hardscape. If you’re not sure what you want yet, it might be helpful to browse through the different paver options and choose a material you like. Once you know which material you like best for your design, you can narrow down your laying pattern and accent pavers.