5 Trees for Adding Privacy to Landscape Designs in East Hampton, NY, Homes

Incorporating trees into your landscape design can serve not just an aesthetic purpose but a functional one as well. There is an ample assortment of trees available that can be utilized to add privacy to your East Hampton, NY, home. Here are some examples of privacy trees that could offer you just the right amount of privacy for your space.

Leyland Cypress

5 Trees for Adding Privacy to Landscape Designs in East Hampton, NY, Homes

If space is not an issue, than the Leyland Cypress may be the perfect fit for your landscape design. These enormous trees are among the larger of privacy trees with growths up to 60 feet high and approximately 10 feet to 20 feet wide. They are shaped like a cone, starting wide at the base and tapering to a point at the top. As a fast growing tree, they can experience anywhere between 3 feet and 5 feet of new growth each year. These magnificent trees are also very beautiful. Once the Leyland Cypress matures, its leaves will turn a vibrant blue-green. When placed in a row, these enormous trees can offer you a dense living privacy wall to shield you from noise and wind.


Spartan Juniper

The Spartan Juniper is another favorite for use as a privacy barrier. This could be a perfect match for midsize backyards or for areas within your landscape design where you may want some added privacy or protection. These trees mature to a height of approximately 15 feet and have a width range averaging around 3 feet to 5 feet. They provide a very uniform appearance to a landscape design with their column-like form. They are ideal along a property border or around a pool, patio, or fire pit. Spartan Junipers produce very compact foliage so they can add protection against wind, as well as peeping passers-by.

Sky Pencil Holly

Sky Pencil Holly is a go-to tree for many homeowners due to its ability to be potted or planted. These trees are ideal for smaller landscapes or around a deck, patio, or entrance ways. With growth of just around 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide, they are an attractive substitute for a privacy shield due to their narrow skyward appearance and dark green foliage that remains intact season after season. These privacy trees will also produce a dark berry during the fall and winter months, making them even more eye-catching. Placing Sky Pencil Holly in a decorative pot allows you to add to their charm and place them virtually anywhere within your landscape design.


Flowering Dogwood Tree

Flowering Dogwood Trees are a popular selection for their color and beauty. They grow to be at least 15 feet tall and can go higher, making them more practical for use in larger or midsize areas. They come in a variety of colors such as white, red, or pink, and they produce ornamental berries that attract birds. Due to their range of width, they work well when placed on average 20 feet apart.

Wax Myrtle

The Wax Myrtle offers a clean, homogeneous privacy border. These trees have very dense foliage and grow at a rapid rate. When grouped together, they can be shaped and hedged with minimal effort. Birds are attracted to the berries produced during the winter months, and this tree is known for its ability to attract butterflies as well. These popular trees can be used as a standalone tree for spot privacy protection in areas such as entrances and in front of windows; however, they are most commonly used as a hedge.