4 Masonry Designs to Customize Your Home's Walkway in Long Island, NY

Having a custom walkway can really bring out the character of your home, as well as add resale value, curb appeal, and safety. Your walkway should closely match the style of your home, so it’s important to know exactly which look your home most resembles. An out-of-place walkway can make even a beautiful home look “off” or dingy. That’s why upgrading your walkways alone can be a complete transformation. Here are four masonry designs you can choose from to customize your Long Island, NY, home:

Classic Brick

4 Masonry Designs to Customize Your Home's Walkway in Long Island, NY

Brick has been used for residential purposes nearly forever, as a versatile building material that does double-duty in both houses and hardscapes. Although brick has a classic feel, you can use brick with a number of styles. Unilock has a number of brick-like pavers available that can be used for anything from a traditional style to a modern take. If your house is made of brick or has brick elements, adding a brick-like walkway will complement your home’s style. Town Hall is a small format brick-style paver that comes in colors like the classic Old Oak or more contemporary options like Basalt, a deep gray. A traditional running course could be the perfect choice for a classic look that will enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Image Source - Unilock

A Modern Twist

Contemporary homes often have a modern style with newer elements, like smooth finishes and neutral colors. A regular, poured concrete walkway just won’t do, and could actually detract from the look of the home. Instead, use sleek pavers to create a walkway that matches your home and creates a complementary path around your property. Series is a paver with a refined surface and a variety of shapes so you can create a custom look. Lay the Peppered Granite color in a simple pattern, and add borders of Black Granite for a muted yet stylish walkway. The color of Series will never fade or tarnish, so you can expect it to hold the same look for decades to come.


Geometric Interest

If you want the walkway to be one of the defining features of your home, you can use geometric interest to create a visually stunning final product. Artline is one option you can choose for this effect. With its plank-like shape and size variations, it makes for a very different and unique walkway. To add to the look, mix and match surface finishes, like the Umbriano finish and the Smooth finish. This paver has a lengthening look, so it can be used for an elongating effect in desired areas. This is a great choice for contemporary designs with a sophisticated aesthetic.


Tumbled Texture

For earthy designs, tumbled pavers have a naturalized look that contrasts well with plantings and grassy areas. Brussels Block is a strong paver with a tumbled appearance that complements a wide variety of designs. Available in multiple neutral colors, like Sandstone and Limestone, Brussels Block makes beautiful walkways that can be laid in a variety of patterns. The distressed finish adds a rustic look while still being dimensionally accurate and strong. It can even be used to for other hardscapes like driveways and patios so that you can have a cohesive look throughout your property.