Landscape Design Ideas for Elegance and Subtlety

Elegance is about simple, natural beauty that makes a statement without trying too hard. Elegance is subtle, stylish and graceful. Here we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can infuse your Oyster Bay, NY outdoor spaces with these gentle, yet remarkable qualities.

Introduce natural stone into your patio design

Oyster Bay, NY Landscape Design Ideas for Elegance and Subtlety

The soft, earthy colors of natural stone are an excellent choice for patios, walkways and vertical structures that say a lot without saying too much. The warm hues of flagstone, the quiet gold of limestone, or the cool, regal blues and gray of bluestone are perfect materials for the discerning homeowner. White marble and light colored travertine are also both delicate options that adorn a space with a certain amount of class.


Focus on line and texture with hardscaping

Thin, delicate lines are key to achieving an elegant effect when it comes to paved outdoor spaces. Narrow jointing lines and paving materials with fine surface texture and gentle color gradients are perfect for this. Smaller pavers can also be used to contribute to a finely textured look.


Choosing the right plantings

Fine textures also apply to the plants that you choose for your landscape. When selecting plants for an elegant look, small leaves and flowers work best, although a rose or two won’t go amiss. Be careful to avoid flowers that are too “showy” such as those with large, brightly colored petals. The fine textures of a landscape can be balanced with one or two anchoring central points such as boulders or a piece of sculpture. Minimalistic elegance can be achieved by choosing plantings that don’t create visual clutter. Reeds and bamboo do this by placing their emphasis on neat vertical lines.

Avoid cluttering spaces with too many decorative elements

Cramming many decorative elements into your outdoor spaces may work for certain themes: cottage styles, a bohemian look, etc. But less is definitely more if you’re going for elegance. A single select piece of sculpture or landscape focal point can make far more of an impact than a backyard strewn with lawn decorations or a shelf packed with trinkets. Fine, flowing lines such as those created by wrought iron sculpture or furniture are ideal for this purpose, being bold enough to minimize clutter with one or two piece while maintaining a soft, feminine touch.

Add a touch of class with landscape lighting

As a rule of thumb, landscape lighting should be just enough to be practical for safety and function, but not too much that it starts becoming gaudy. Stick to soft, warm colors, avoid directly spotlighting large areas and if possible opt for many small points of light rather than one or two large sources. The design of the individual light pieces is also an aspect worth considering. Avoid large, bulky pieces and keep in mind the idea of delicate lines and fine textures. These pieces need not be intricately designed in order to make a statement - once again, bold but feminine curves and flowing lines or patterns can be both subtle and strong enough to stand on their own as decorative elements to your landscape.